Who am I? BY Kyler Christon

Table of Content

  • Who i was before
  • CIS
  • Career
  • Education required
  • Other schooling options
  • The companies i consider working for

Who i was before

  • My plan was to be a welder
  • The goal go to CWI
  • Strengths Hard worker
  • Gets whats needed, done and is perfect
  • Weaknesses missing finger just kidding
  • sometimes distracted easily


  • Interest Profiler: the top pick was realistic
  • Ideas: realistic and investigations where the top 2
  • Workplace importance: the top 2 describe the work place and how you like working
  • Career cluster: the top ones where manufacturing and architecture and construction


  • welding and soldering, welding machine operators are my top 2
  • construction is another one i'd be interested in
  • building & making things is something i like to do
  • it interest me on of how to solve putting something together or making things

Education required

  • can take up to 2 years
  • unless you go into underwater welding
  • which can take up to 2 or 3 years
  • depending on your experience

other schooling options

  • CWI's welding program takes 2 years
  • This where i have chosen to go
  • after 2 year program
  • CWI will help me with job placement


  • There's many different welding shops around
  • Stealhead located in Nampa
  • Sawtooth welding also located in Nampa
  • weld pro which is located in Boise


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