Bio Technology Applications By: Steven GInnane and Jack Darcy

Polymerase Chain Reaction is a process used by biologists to very quickly replicate millions of copies of DNA segments.

This process is primarily done through thermal cycling, where various DNA segments are rapidly exposed to varying temperatures in order to spur replication.

The real world application of this process is to quickly and efficiently produce lactose.

Gel electrophoresis is a process used to separate and analyze DNA, RNA, and proteins.

It is done by applying an electric current to a field of gel, causing the molecules inside to migrate to either pole.

This process can be used to accurately gather information on various molecules especially DNA, broadening our understanding of the biological world.

DNA sequencing is the process of finding out the exact order of the four bases within a specific DNA molecule.

This process has many real world applications such as allowing molecular biologists to map the genomes of species and understand how different organisms are related to each other.


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