IntegratED 2017 Synthesis Project Shawnae Somsen

After attending PDX I wanted to bring more technology with a twist into the classroom. A major change I wanted to see was students engaging in their learning, not just "hurrying up to finish" a given assignment. I wanted to see them work together.

The first time i saw Breakout edu, i instantly thought of my outdoor education class!

Through Breakout EDU, I learned about the 4 C's: Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication. This is right in line with my class!

So, on a rainy Thursday afternoon...I put the challenge out there! Check out the process below.

I didn't realize how long setting up your first Breakout would be, However, I believe that after you have done it once, it will be easier the next time!

In the future, I will be taking this concept and making a game centered around "Outdoor Education" content knowledge. I believe this would be a great game early in the semester. Then later, have the students design their own game. It would be fun to let them create the challenging ciphers. I think you could mix this with the game Geocaching.

The project was fun to add to the class. In November, 2016 the following video was shared with me. It made me re-think the projects and technology our students do.

Using the SAMR model in technology in the classroom, the project/game that I used was truly only a "Substitution." I have to do better! (See my future plans) However, I do think I reached the top, Redefinition, in another class, with another project.

I put a twist into my Health classes project on the body systems. I wanted to have them do something that was not possible before, and what they have never done before. My goal was achieved.

First, they were required to create an Adobe Spark Page covering the content. Withing the page, they must have a quiz for the students to take. They used Quizlet to make that possible. Check out a student's example:

Next they had to create a poster including a QR code to link the students to their page. This is an example of one student's Adobe Spark Post.

THE FUTURE PLANS: Once my Outdoor Education creates the Breakout EDU game, I believe we will again reach the top level of the SAMR model. That is now my ultimate goal when using technology, everytime. That is what tool I will use to measure my success in student projects. While still teaching the content knowledge, I will try to utilize technology at a different level than the students are accustomed to. Sometimes it can be done, and sometimes, it just isn't feasible.

Geocaching + Breakout EDU + Technology = REDEFINITION!!!

It's time to "Breakout" of the traditional teaching mold and "REDEFINE LEARNING!"

We Broke Out!
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Shawnae Somsen


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