A Playground Reimagined The story of play going beyond the imagination

"ALL learning engages the physiology...the brain and the body are totally interconnected." - 12 Brain/Mind Learning Principles in Action
We leverage the ASFM L2E2 Design Process to guide the redesign of our spaces.

How might we create a learning environment for students that develops life skills and builds characters?

Discovery: Understanding our current reality and exploring a better possible future.

What do we want learning to feel, look and sound like?

Ideation & Prototyping Phase:

How might we bring our drivers to life as spatial concepts?


The Build

Welcome to the ASFM Adventure Challenge Course

The Reveal

The Adventure Challenge Course is a dream come true as a result of the generous donations of many ASFM parents, staff, teachers and friends. An extended thanks goes to the ASFM Edge of Excellence, Design and Projects teams for their continued commitment, work and leadership.

Edge of Excellence Team:

Michael Adams, Helen Trevino, Marcela De La Garza Evia, Bonnie Elizondo de Derby, Marisa Argüello de Lagüera and Lucía Lozano de Barrera

Design Team:

Diana Saldana, Douglas Frankish, Brian Hamm, Jose Juan Sanchez, Joe Stazione,

Project Management Team:

Jorge Mendez, Richard Colter Jr.

Special thanks to the Open Minds, Caring Hearts, and Globally Minded Leadership at ASFM which brought this to life.

Dr. Michael Adams, John Hickey, Joe Stanzione,