Mosaic eTwinning project gaudi, 2018.

Antoni Gaudí Güell Park - mosaic seating area adorned with multi-coloured tiles.

Parc Güell on Carmel Hill in the north of the city, you simply have to admire some of Antoni Gaudi’s finest handiwork. Marvel at the Art Nouveau (Modernisme) motifs of its main highlights, such as the mosaic tiles of the salamander statue (“El Drac”) at the park entrance.

At the top of Güell Park is a terraced area where you get a wonderful view of the park and of Barcelona City. Here you will find multi-coloured tiled mosaic seats as shown in the picture below. The vibrant colours of the tiles are truly breathtaking.

Mathematics: Make as many different tasks as possible in relation to the picture of the mosaic that you got.

eTwinning project GAUDI, as the main idea, intent to note the connection between history, mathematics, nature, art, the world itself, and so on, just like Gaudi used to do, and to integrate them, through an innovative way of learning, into creative visual and usable works.

As participants in the Erasmus + program, the founders of this project met at a course in Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi's city of inspiration. This way we want to integrate eTwinning into Erasmus + KA1 projects of both schools.

The aim of this project is to improve schooling and provide examples of good practice for innovative teaching approaches. We want to make use of TwinSpace tools to bring together Gaudin's work as an inspirational topic, improving student competencies such as: group collaboration, critical and creative thinking, metacognition, the ability to understand and use innovative approaches to learning (such as project-based learning, inquiry based learning, task based learning and so on) as additional learning goals in line with our KA1 aims.

Katarina Ivanovic, Primary school Stevan Dukic, Belgrade, Serbia


All images downloaded from the Internet were used exclusively for educational purposes and are in no way related to commercial purpose, nor does it have a project in which they were used.


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