Stingrays are a mammal and they are blue, white and grey. They are 14 ft wide and weigh about 10 lbs. They have gills, a stinger, spots, and a flat body. Stingrays are also related to the manta rays.

Stingrays are carnivores which is meat eaters. They eat fish and shrimp. Stingrays eat from the bottom of the ocean because their mouth is on the bottom of their body.

Stingrays need the ocean to hide in the sand. To sneak attack and get food, stingrays live in the sand so sea creatures don’t find them and so they can hunt. Stingrays sometimes swim in groups.

Stingrays have gills to breath under water. Some of the stingrays enemies are sharks, humans, whales, jellyfish, eels and sand sharks. Also, stingrays have a stinger so they can sting their enemies. There are many fun facts about stingrays. One is that they send shocks to communicate. Also kelp provides shelter and food for many sea creatures. Kelp is important because it feeds whales and is very good. also stingrays live in the sand and also hide in it.


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