Mongolia and Taiwan BY: Jasmine and JJ

Mongolian History:

1911- Outer Mongolia declared independence from the Qing Dynasty under the Bogd Khang

1921- Chinese troops were defeated by Ungern and drove from Mongolia.

1949- The newly established People's Republic of China recognized Mongolia and agreed to establish diplomatic relations.

1996- The first non-Communist government was elected

Mongolian Culture:

Horses are very important in Mongolia.

Tibetan Buddhism became a dominant religion in the 17th century

They are very superstitious and believe that the children are the more endangered family members, so they were often given non-names and boys would dress up like girls.

Mongolian Daily Life / Leisure/Schooling:

Both men and women often wear brightly colored long gowns called deel.

The most traditional sports are wrestling, archery, and horse racing

Mongolian people value education and most of their schools are boarding school.

Mongolian Economy:

Mongolia has a lot of corruption, and they don't in force anti corruption measures effectively.

The average tariff is 5% and importation of goods is expensive and time consuming.

Taiwanese History:

1945- Japan, which includes Taiwan, is defeated in WWII.

1960- Free China Incident.

1992- First Democratic Election of the Legistlative Yaun

Taiwanese Culture:

The official language is Mandarine Chinese.

The traditional values are based on Confucion Ethnics.

They are really peaceful and the believe that they all belong to one family.

Taiwanese Daily Life/ Leisure/ Schooling:

Worship their ancestors.

Value education and work.

Traditional Chinese clothing is inky worn for special occasions.

Their food ranges from American fast food to European cuisine to regional Chinese specialties.

Taiwanese Economy:

5th largest economy in Asia and 15th largest in the world.

Capitalist economy.

The export rate is growing.

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