The Butterfly Exhibit Ashton Boerner

The clear freshwater river with a pebble bottom really stood out to me in the butterfly exhibit. The flowing water was so peaceful and relaxed me as i gazed into it. Beautiful species of butterflies flew around me and there were many brightly colored flowers around the river. To me, this natural environment gave me the greatest respect and appreciation for nature. This photo encompasses the whole mood of the exhibit, and that is that nature is something that should be revered and respected, not destroyed and forgotten.
Leopold's view of nature resonated with me greatly while in the butterfly exhibit. While in the enclosure, I felt like I was one with nature, like I was a part of the forests community and not just an outsider. Seeing all the different beautiful species of butterflies also made the experience more memorable. There were so many different sights and senses in the exhibit. As i glanced around I notice that everyone in the exhibit seemed entranced. The butterfly exhibit gave everyone the chance to connect to nature and appreciate it as one. Leaving the museum I felt more responsible to protect our valuable plants and butterflies. I felt like nature was truly something to be treasured.
The butterfly exhibit at the FLMNH gives every ordinary person the chance to experience nature. Upon entering the exhibit I was immediately introduced to so many different species of plants and animals. This exhibit allows its audience to become one with nature and opens up their senses so that they can see natural beauty in everyday creatures. By observing the different creatures and plants, one is able to better understand the beauty and fragility of nature and why it needs to be protected.
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