Ronald Dahl's Biography

Ronal Dahl was an author that wrote books for children.He was inspired in famous kid 's classic books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach.He was encouraged by C.S. Forrester while he was studying in Washington DC university.Ronald, published his first short story in the saturday Evening Post. He died in a hospital in oxford at the age of 74. During his writting career, he composed 19 children's books and 9 short story collections.

Ronald Dahl, historical and geographical context.

Ronald's books were inspired in his life expirences.For example, in the book " Charlie and the the Chocolate Factory" , he wrote it because the pupils at Repton( that was his school) were invited to trial chocolate bars.

Chapter 1: The Witching Hour.

In the first chapter of the book called "The Witching Hour" , it introduces sophie that is the main character. Sophie is a girl that doesn't have parents who live in england with nine other little girls in her bedroom and with Mr. cloners.

Chapter 2: Who?

In the middle of the Witching hour, Sophie woke up and saw a giant person outside the window.The giant was walking down her street and Sophie didn't know what to do.

Chapter 3:The Snatch

Sophie was hidding under his blanket, when she peeded out .She was so scared that her blood froze.Outside her window, she saw a large wrinkly face of the GIANT staring in. Then, Sophie felt a huge hand clamp over her and later she was lifted up.

Chapter 4: The Cave

Sophie felt that she was moving and moving very fast , but she didn't know how she was moving. The wind was rushing past her face as she braverly peeks out from her blanket. She asked who was it, where she was going and if she will ever see the Orphanage again.

Chapter 5: The BFG

Soon enough she feelt that she wan't moving until something or someone picked her up and moved Sophie in to a flat surface. She heard the giant boom a few words and she stammered to ask him or her not to ate her and when she peaked out she saw the full image of who took her. It was a GIANT who, started to talk about what countries are visited most by the other giants.

Chapter 6: The Giants

The giant and Sophie started to talk about why he doesn't eat humans, '"But if you are so nice and friendly" Sophie said " Then why did you snatch me from my bed and run away with me" As Sophie tries to understand why she was bought here, the giant keeps babbling on about giant country and how things work around here.

Chapter 7: The Marvellous Ears

The BFG checked to saw if Sophie is comfortable and warm in the night, The BFG started to think of Sophie's life back in England with her parents and school but one thing he didn't know is that Sophie didn't have parents. She explained what happened and where she was before he took her away and brought her to this country.

Chapter 8: Snozzcumbers

The conversation about why The BFG didn't eat humans continues and she asked ' But if you don't eat people like all the others, then what do you live on?" He told Sophie that he lived on these icky-poo vegetables called.......... SOZZCUMBERS!? 'Snozzcumbers' Sophie cried 'There is no such thing'. The BFG pulled out one of the out-of-the-ordinary vegetable and it was half as long as an ordinary man but much thicker. It was as thick around its girth as a perambulator. It was black with white stripes along it length and it was covered all over with corse knobbles.

Chapter 9: The Bloodbottler

A thumping sound came from the outside of the cave with a voice so deep screaming '" Runt! Is you there, Runt? I was hearing you jabbeling! Who is you jabbeling to, Runt?"' The BFG knew straight away that the voice was coming from no other than the BLOODBOTTLER!! He quickly told Sophie to hide as he knew that the Bloodbottler gobbled up human beans. Before they knew the Bloodbottler was standing before the BFG and roared at him with his suspicions.

Chapter 10: Frobscottle and Wizzpoppers

Sophie was starting to get a bit hungry and thirsty and she thought that if she had been at home she would have finished her breakfast long ago. The BFG told her that there is no water in Giant Land, so they drink a liquid called Frobscottle and when he shook it the bubbles went down and bursted at the bottom instead of up to the surface and bursting there. Frobscottle is delicious but it does make an unpleasant sound as the bubbles do go down once you've drank it.

Chapter 11: Journey to dream country

Once Sophie and The BFG's Frobscottle party was over he started to tell Sophie what else he does when the other giants are guzzling up human beans. He goes to Dream Country where he catches dreams and blows them into little children's bedrooms at night but only if they're good dreams and not nightmares.

Chapter 12: Dream Catching

When they arrive he told Sophie that she needed to be really quiet and really still. She did what she was told as she sit in the BFG waistcoat and watched carefully what he was doing and when he waved his net and shrieked with excitement she realised he was catching dreams. The BFG told Sophie that the dream he caught was a really good dream, he looked around hoping that there would be a big patch of good dreams around. But all he got was a bad dream which he actually realised was worse, it was a nightmare.

Chapter 13: A Trogglehumper For The Fleshlumpeater

The giants were having fifty winks (a sleep) before they set off to go and gobble up some little human beans as The BFG and Sophie were coming back from Dream Country. 'Giants is only sleeping then and now' he said 'Not nearly as much as human beans . Human beans is crazy for sleeping. Is it ever occurring to you that a human bean who is fifty is spending about twenty years sleeping fast?' Then The BFG had an idea and says 'Wait!' He said 'Hold your horsefeathers! Hold your horsefeathers! Keep your skirt on! Just you wait to see what I is going to bring about!' He started for cave and little Sophie was clinging on to the pocket of The BFG's waistcoat, he got his big thin trumpet and made for the other giants when they arrived they were standing 10 feet from the Fleshlumpeater's face, The BFG put the dream in the trumpet and blew at the giant and it was visible for a bit but then it disappeared. Soon enough he was firing up and screaming at Jack whom he dreads.

Chapter 14: Dreams

The BFG labeled his dream jars and once again reflected on human behaviour. He hated that humans only believe something if they see it. Sophie read some of the dreams and she learned that the BFG learned to read and write from a book called "Nicholas Nickleby". When Sophie saw that the other giants are off to England to “guzzle a few chiddlers” she is shocked.

Chapter 15: The Great Plan

Sophie hated the idea of how the other giants were going and eating all the "little chiddlers" for their own satisfaction, so she toldThe BFG she has a great idea. As she told him, he has a regretting and unsure expression on his face. He tried to her that her plan will not work because "human beans is never believing in giants unless they see them", but Sophie was sure that it will work because The BFG can make humans dream anything you want. But the BFG said "that is why you is waking up and saying ' few that was just a dream'"

Chapter 16: Mixing The Dream

What happened to the bits of dreams the BFG doesn't use? Well he uses them to mix new dreams like he does in this chapter when he was mixing a dream for the queen in a big jar with a whisk like thing

Chapter 17: Journey To London

'The great yellow wasteland lay dim and milky in the moonlight as the BFG went galloping across it.' Sophie and the BFG was on their way to Buckingham, England to Her Majesty the Queen, Sophie was only in her night and as they were moving fast the BFG realised that there was something in the distance, something familiar, it was the other giant' Look quick-quick over there' he said pointing his long trumpet. Sophie looked in the direction he was pointing. Through the murky darkness all she saw at first was a great cloud of dust about three hundred yards away. ' Those is the other giants all galloping back home after their guzzle'the BFG said.' Soon enough they reached England, but soon the Bfg says that they are lost and Sophie is worried but she then realises where they are and directs him the right way.

Chapter 18: The Palace

'By gumdrops whispered the BFG'. There was the palace,' Sophie whispered back'. As the BFG gallops on, Sophie started to tip out and she yelled out to the giant and he told her to shoosh because there was a guard padding softly across the lawn. They waited for him to went and once he does they check all the windows to made sure that no-one is awake, once they reached the Queens bedroom he stoped and kneels to be able to be in level with the window. He got out his long trumpet and blows in the dream to the Queen, the BFG left Sophie with the Queen and told her to call him when he was ready.

Chapter 19: The Queen

Once dawn came at last and the lemon-coloured sun rose, Sophie felt a little of its warmth on her back and she could hear the church bells strike. She counted seven.'She found it almost impossible to believe that she, Sophie, a little orphan of no real importance in the world, was at this moment actually sitting high above the ground on the window-sill of the Queen of England's bedroom, with the Queen herself asleep in there behind the curtain no more than five yards away'. She listen as the Queen is a little sleep talker and finally she hears a woman greet the Queen, but the Queen talk with a sudden panic of horror from the dream that she had. But she had seen in the newspaper headlines that many girls and boys have been snatched from their boarding school beds, Sophie slips down onto the sill and introduces herself, then a conversation about the giants and how she was taken started. She then called the BFG to show them he was a friendly giant and the Queen herself invites them to eat at breakfast.

Chapter 20: The Royal Breakfast

Soon after that there was a frantic scurry among the palace servants because they had received the orders from the queen that a twenty four-foot giant had to be seated with her in the ballroom within the next half an hour! All the servants were freaking out and worrying about what they were going to sit the giant on so they thought they might put a set of chester drawers on top of the piano and that would be his chair. They then had to fetch a pair of unused garden forks and spade, they also had to fetch the biggest jug they can find in the kitchen. Soon enough they were all seated and ready to eat, the BFG ate an enormous amount of food.

Chapter 21: The Plan

Sophie and the BFG tell the head of Army and the head of the Air force their plan. The Army men wanted to give up and not do the plan because they thought it will be to hard, but they finally agreed to do the plan.

Chapter 22: Capture!

When they tried and caucht the sleeping giant a dangerous incident happened and only with Sophie's bravery and courage and the BFG's sneaky and cunning lied can they succeed.

Chapter 23: Feeding Time

As the giants were getting captured there was a tremendous hustle and bustle going on back home in England. Every earth digger and mechanical contrivance in the country had been mobilised to dig a colossal hole for the nine giants were to be permanently imprisoned. For some reason the giants were totally unsure of why they were getting put down in the hole, which seemed quite dumb. Because the giants will now not be able to be allowed to eat human beans the BFG told Her Majesty that they will now be only allowed to eat the nasty snozzcumbers. '" There's your supper!" He shouted "Have a munch on that"' and Her Majesty praised the BFG for his cleverness and knowledge.

Chapter 24: The Author

In the end the whole world thanked Sophie, The BFG and the Queen. Signs were put up to say that feeding the giants is forbidden and Sophie loves the BFG so much that she volunteered to give him lessons to read and write properly, soon he started to write essays and much more about his past life in Giant Land. His stories were a success and The Queen read them aloud to many children of England.

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