Taylors Valley Virginia A Magical Fall Hike on the Virginia Creeper Trail

The Taylors Valley Trailhead is thought of as the little community along the Virginia Creeper Trail where you can stop at the Creeper Trail Café for a bite to eat and rest. To reach the parking area take Highway 91 out of Damascus until you come to Taylors Valley Road (road sign says Dollarsville Rd but turns into Taylors Valley Rd quickly). There is a sign for the turnoff but it is small and you need to watch for it. The drive into Taylors Valley this time of year was a colorful journey of its own!

Taylor Valley Road

When you come to Taylors Valley you will see the Creeper Trail Café on the right, then cross over the bridge and turn left to park behind the Community Center. This red building was at one time a Company Club Car for Norfolk & Western Railroad and now is a community center. There are portable toilets here also and CAUTION these are also the restroom facilities for the Creeper Trail Café which is only serving takeout food for their outdoor picnic area at this time. Through October 2020 the café is open everyday except Wednesday. After the season you will need to check the Creeper Trail Café Facebook page for information.

Creeper Trail Cafe and the Taylor Valley Trailhead Parking area

From this point you can head toward Creek Junction or the opposite direction toward Straight Branch and Damascus. We headed toward Straight Branch first which took us directly along Whitetop Laurel Creek. You walk right along the creek and can find several places that lead you directly down to the creek. It is one of the reasons we love this part of the trail so much. These photos tell the story of this fall hike!

Fall leaves over Whitetop Laurel Creek

Swirling leaves in Whitetop Creek

The roar of the water over the rocks follows you along and will make the rest of the world disappear.

From the Taylors Valley Trailhead parking area you can also walk toward the Creek Junction which is approximately 4 miles. You will leave the creek quickly and head into a beautiful section that crosses through Taylors Valley.

From Taylors Valley Trailhead toward Creek Junction
Taylors Valley

The valley ends right as you cross over trestle #28 and Taylors Valley Road comes to an end. You begin following the Whitetop creek again at this point and head back into the woods. The diversity of this section makes for a very interesting walk.

The end of Taylors Valley as it crosses Taylors Valley Road
Trestle #29 over Whitetop Laurel Creek

Remember to be courteous while hiking and biking the Virginia Creeper Trail. October is a very popular month to visit the trail so be sure to walk single file while hiking and call out “on your left” when biking past hikers. Let’s keep this wonderful outdoor adventure a great experience for us all! Stay tuned for more photo adventures along the Virginia Creeper Trail and please follow our Photo Blogs on our Bluemoonistic website. Feel free to contact us anytime, stay safe and wave to us on the trail…

Trail to Damascus from Taylors Valley Trailhead October 2020
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Dale & Becky Carlson


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