HENRY HUDSON And ambition he never fufilled


Henry Hudson was a English explorer who was born 1565, in England, united kingdom. his two first voyages to discover an ice free passage to Asia were complete failures, And he never truly found he was looking for.

"I failed the world coach!"

however, he did open the door to further exploration and settlement to north america.

there is little to no information about the explorers life prior to his first journey as a ship's commander 1607. It is believed that he learned about the seafaring life firsthand, perhaps from fishermen or sailors. it also noted that he married a women Katherine during this period as well.

Katherine hudson

his voyages and journeys usually where explorations around north america. on one voyage, in which he was traveling north, they navigated they south of new found land and arrived at nova. they continued penetrating the north until they discovered Delaware bay. as well as on other voyages where he discovered inhabited areas along the river banks and he reached what is now the capital of Albany and as far as the Waterford. He reached what is known today as Mauritius estuary on September 3. Note however that it was Giovanni DA Verrazzano who discovered the estuary in 1524.

Hudson preparing for voyage

Satisfied with the result of his expedition, he returned to Dartmouth, England in November 1611. Dutch authors claimed that after his arrival at England, he was not allowed to travel to Amsterdam. Whether this was true or not, the fact remains that the Dutch Company was able to receive his reports and charts.

Although his goal to discover the waterways was not fulfilled, Hudson reached higher latitudes than all other navigators. In all, Hudson’s efforts are well recognized. Several North American geographic rivers and lands were named after him. This includes the Hudson Strait, the Hudson River, the Hudson Bay, the Henry Hudson Bridge, the Hudson County, and even the city of Hudson in New York.

On Hudson’s final voyage from England in 1610, he was searching for a northwest passage, and found a large body of water that he thought was the Pacific Ocean. However, it was only a large bay, later to be named Hudson Bay. In June, 1611, the ship became blocked in by ice in James Bay. The crew wanted to get back to England, but Hudson refused to let them leave. On June 22, 1611, the crew mutinied, put Hudson, his son, and five other crewmen in a small boat, and left them there. No one knows what happened to them. It is just assumed that they died sometime after that.

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