National Principals Month 2021

"Being able to make a difference in their lives has been really special."

Indian Hill Elementary principal Mark Kelln helped us begin Principal Appreciation Month by explaining the importance of a strong staff team and the connections he's built with students.

"I love being an elementary school principal! Each day is exciting, different, challenging, successful and rewarding! The students are my motivation to be at my best every day. Being committed to the educational process for all students and a support for all staff is not only imperative, but it also helps create a positive culture for growth."

Matthew Piechota - Catlin Elementary principal

A fresh face at Norris Middle School this year, principal Langston Frison, Ed.D. is excited for what each day brings. From greeting students as they arrive to sharing magic tricks during lunch, Frison finds ways to keep students engaged in their education.

Field Club principal Mary Griger's Instagram #takeovertuesday

"Being a principal is one of the most rewarding roles I've had the opportunity to have within Omaha Public Schools. I love the connections I have made with our students and families. Their continued joy, growth and success inspires me every day!"

Kristine Denton - Minne Lusa Elementary Principal

When asked how to keep herself and others motivated, North High principal Collette Nero, Ph.D. said she focuses on the 'why.' She enjoys making a difference in students' lives and hearing what they have to say.

"I knew I wanted to teach at OPS after college. I chose to stay with the district because of my commitment to our staff and students. The joy, excitement and pride I felt as a teacher when I would witness growth and see smiles is the same excitement and joy as a principal. One of my favorite parts of each day is greeting students as they arrive. Working side by side with all my staff at Wilson Focus school is motivating. We all share the passion of doing what is best for kids."

Lu Ann Jacobs - Wilson Focus principal

Bryan High principal Rony Ortega, Ed.D. joined our Instagram #takeovertuesday

"One thing I love about our school is you can walk down the hall and you can just hear learning happening."

Springville Elementary principal Joe Jacoby is often greeted enthusiastically when he enters a classroom. He says working with strong leaders in his 16 years at Omaha Public Schools motivated him to become a principal.

Thank you to all of our principals and program directors.

You make us #OPSProud!