Stitching Kappa Together A Proposal by Annie Mohr and Caroline Rendiero

ABOUT US : Annie and Caroline are Juniors and part of the best sorority in America (and Canada). Annie is a Public Relations major and works for student media as an editor for the app Boro Beat. Caroline is an Education major with a passion for graphic design, water color, and lettering. You might have seen her posts on kay kay tees selling bomb canvases or her lettering instagram @carolinejcalligraphy.

Let's Talk Branding

It's more than a t-shirt. T-shirts are a walking form of p.r. Every t-shirt we makes represents Kappa. We are always wearing our letters so why not have the most creative, trendy, and innovative designs.

Brand Loyalty

Help Me I'm Poor: Bottom line we want the best price. In order to do this we need a good relationship with a few companies instead of a one time fling with many. Our plan is to negotiate with companies early on so we can get a base line price. This means no surprises for us down the road and the chapter as a whole.


We want to work with the designers to create custom shirts. Many t-shirt companies have a great pre-made selection but we feel like it should be a priority to create something new and original that reflects who we are as a chapter.

Pick Up Plan

We live at Copper Beech but know that it can be difficult for people, especially Freshman without a car to get their shirts. Luckily, Caroline has a mom van and we would be willing to park it in front of Kappa and at least have one pickup before or after chapter. Annie works on campus in the Williams Center and can also bring shirts on campus for girls to pick up. At Copper we have a three bedroom meaning we have an extra room that would be perfect for t-shirt storage.


Annie has experience with adobe design programs and has worked with South by Sea for the past year creating shirts for the summer camp she works for. Caroline has taken multiple classes in graphic design and is familiar with adobe illustrator.

Our Ideas

Let's Get Ahead of the Game: We want to be on trend always. We want to use new products and new styles before every other sorority does. We would keep in mind the different styles of the chapter and try to incorporate a variety of colors so that every girl can have a few shirts that she loves.

Thank You For Your Consideration

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Annie Mohr

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