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Celebrated author @ PS5!

PS 5 students were enthralled as Paul Noth shared his journey as a published author/cartoonist. He spoke about the writing process and the importance of keeping a notebook to jot down ideas. He also drew original cartoon characters with input from student suggestions (who knows, these new character may even make an appearance in one of Mr. Noth's future books!) After the assembly presentation, dozens of students won copies of either How to Sell Your Family to the Aliens or How to Properly Dispose of Planet Earth in a raffle, our guest author then signed autographs, and later visited classrooms. An unforgettable experience for our kids!

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The ceremony, held on February 5th, honored students who won distinction at the recent JCPS Science Fair, including PS5's Jade Timmer, who won Third Prize in the 5th-grade category at the district level.

PS5 Family literacy Event

Educational Arts Puppet Theatre Program

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Conti Big Brothers & Sisters program Featured on News 12

Conti students who are part of Big Brothers/Big Sisters also got to participate in Make A Kid Smile Day - details in article at nj.com.

peek at some things ps5 STUDENTS ARE DOING THIS SEASON:

GRADE 8: Structural Design Engineer Yi Boa from Stevens Institute of Technology visited the class to speak about landscape design and flexible concrete as viable considerations for establishing a sustainable community garden. Students also presented TED-Ed talks to 5th graders in room in 314.

GRADE 7: Students have been studying "Speed and Velocity" - here they are constructing their Roller Coaster designs to test and calculate various forms of speed and direction:

GRADE 6: Students in Math class work collaboratively with their peers using ”Tinkercad” to design their blueprints for their Scale Model Project.

GRADE 5: During their visit to the Newark Museum, students experienced a planetarium show that uncovered the mysteries of the ancient world. They also discovered how ancient and modern artists integrate astronomy into their art. Students got to self-reflect and express their own personal identities by decorating individual ceramic plates that they brought home to share with friends and family.

For the Physical Sciences unit, students combined different ingredients to create their own mixtures and solutions. They discovered how to use cotton balls to separate a mixture of oil and water and a balloon to separate salt and pepper, and discussed the differences between those mixtures and solutions such as Jello, cheese sauce, and pineapple-coconut flavored sparkling water.

As part of their PBL projects, 5th graders are also learning about organizations that assist people with disabilities or illnesses. Special thanks to educator Melanie DeFilippis from PS 17 for sharing her family's experience with the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

GRADE 4: Students simulated what it would be like to "Escape the Room" by using logic and literacy skills. They solved the clues provided to them by reading and comprehending until they ultimately "Escaped!"

GRADE 3: The third graders are trying to encourage others to minimize their food waste. Two of our students were chosen as lunch ambassadors to encourage other students in the cafeteria to utilize the share table.

Students placing food on the Share Table and taking on roles as Lunch Ambassadors

GRADE 2: Through PBL, students are studying the value and importance of safe drinking water, and the water cycle. Educators from Suez visited classes, and the culminating activity was creating water-cycle bracelets.

GRADE 1: Our classes enjoyed a presentation by parent Sean Gallagher about being an architect. He focused on designs and structures in urban settings that help the environment and gifted each child with their own sketch book and pencils.

A visit by the Electrical Optical Systems of the JCPD widened our students' perspectives. Lieutenant Rosario (a PS5 parent) and Detective Camacho read a story to the students, spoke about safety, then introduced our kids to Andros, the EOS robot!

KINDERGARTEN: A read-a-loud of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree reinforced for our students the importance of being grateful and taking care of our planet. Students discussed how the apple tree gave of itself to make the boy happy in each stage of life and the consequences of the child's lack of gratitude.

Parent Andrea Drenzek-Rios was the guest reader of The Giving Tree

PRE-K: Botanists from the Liberty Science Center visited classes and did activities to help our kids learn about the parts of a tree and how each part helps the tree survive...

Parent Christine Fong visits to share her cultural celebration of Chinese New Year, currently the Year of the Pig.


Thank you!

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Principal John J. Rivero

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Peter Spencer - "Fireworks"

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