My Focused Future by Dejah wake

I want to go to college and get a degree in Sports Management/ Administration.

Or if that doesn't work, then I want to be a SPED teacher.

I want to visit a Latin country because I like their food.

I want to meet Peyton Manning because he was a successful and influential player.

I want to ride a dolphin.

I want to be a rapper because I can spit bars, and they make a lot of money. Also they have cool, icy jewelry that I like.

I want to visit Taiwan and Tokyo because they look very interesting and different than the U.S. The lights at night in Tokyo are cool looking.

I want to see a panda while I'm in Asia because they're super cute.

I want to move out of Kansas because there are lots of other places to see.

Some day I want to open a no-kill animal shelter.

I want to meet Obama because in my opinion he was a good president, and just seems like a cool guy. 

and maybe watch him and LeBron play 1 on 1


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