John Penn II Senior Solutions Architect, Law enForcement


John Penn II, Senior Architect for Law Enforcement Technologies at Adobe Systems Incorporated in San Jose, California, has spent over three decades writing software. Most recently, he spent eleven years working at Adobe as a Senior Computer Scientist on Photoshop. But after attending the first Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Conference, John was so profoundly affected by what he heard that he moved into what has become the most challenging, rewarding chapter of his career: Victim Identification and Digital Media Analysis for law enforcement.

Focusing on the role software can play in the prevention and investigation of internet crimes against children, John has helped develop advanced victim identification tools and techniques and train police officers and federal agents on their implementation. His overarching mission now is to foster better communication between law enforcement and the software industry, and promote a better understanding of the challenges faced by both.

Though he works with law enforcement agencies around the world, John’s is dedicated to supporting the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). In addition to conducting education programs for law enforcement and parents on internet safety for kids, NCMEC has dedicated staff trying to find missing children and identify child victims. To do the age progression used to generate flyers for missing children, NCMEC works almost entirely in Photoshop. Photoshop also plays a front line role in NCMEC’s Victim Identification work. John’s long experience with that application made their relationship a perfect fit. He now spends a part of each and every day working on solutions for NCMEC and law enforcement working in Victim Identification.

If you are interested in having John Penn visit your organisation, please email Jerry Wong, Customer Success Manager at jwong@adobe.com

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