Among Eagle Hunters and Nadaams MONGOLIA

I’ve always wanted to visit Mongolia, last year I read up on what is known as the land of the big sky, and in particular the local western culture and festivals that the people celebrate. I found that Mongolia has a large number of Eagle Hunters as well as having a very short summer, in which they hold ‘Nadaam’ festivals. Nadaam festivals translate to simply ‘Games’. Local Nadaam’s are also sometimes referred to as ‘Eriin Gurvan Naadam’ meaning “Three manly sports”.

Nadaams at Weddings

Nadaams are used to celebrate many types of occasions, including weddings or spiritual gatherings. We had the wonderful opportunity to attend a traditional Kazakh Mongolian Wedding, which had the most spectacular background of the Altai Mountains.

Eagle hunters

This image of a traditional Kazakh eagle hunter with his eagle was taken in the Altai mountains in Western Mongolia. The Baby Eagles or Balapans are 2 years old when they are captured, they are raised and looked after by the Eagle hunter. Eagle hunting is more prominent in the winter months and used to hunt smaller animals, like foxes and marmots.


I have been taking photographs for over 20 years with a view of just to document my life and it’s surroundings. I came from the film days and moved into digital photography about 10 years ago. I bought my first Leica camera 2 years ago (the M240) and recently had the opportunity to go back to classic photography by buying a Leica M/A and started to use Film as part of my work once again.

I also love to print, whilst I enjoy printing with Inkjet, I’m very passionate about alternative printing, and have been making Platinum prints using Digital Negatives for a while now. This process was founded in the 18C and apart from making a digital negative and printing it on acetate, the wet processing side of it hasn’t changed. but this is a life project, one that I’ll continue when I get time to devote to it.

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