A PERFECT GIFT help sustain & grow the dream of IMPERFECT Restaurant

Calling all friends of Imperfect Restaurant in Castelldefels, Spain

IMPERFECT Restaurant began with a dream to create an inviting space where imperfect people could experience perfect love.

To sustain and grow the dream, IMPERFECT needs your help. This Christmas, give and receive a perfect gift for IMPERFECT people.

Your gift of $20 or more helps IMPERFECT keep their doors open to their community. Plus, you'll receive a little surprise from Let's show some love to our friends at IMPERFECT who love their city so well.

When you click the "order now" button below, you can give via PayPal. I am collecting the donations from people in the States and passing every gift along to our friends at IMPERFECT Restaurant. You will see the donation to "Phosphorus Media Works." That's my business name. I'm handling the cost and effort to ship the gifts to you. On the donation form, be sure to give your name, address, and the number of gifts you would like to have shipped to you. Be as generous as you can!

Imperfect is a solidarity restaurant. That means everyone who visits for coffee or a meal pays what they can.

Those who need something warm and dignified to eat but cannot pay enjoy their IMPERFECT meal free of charge. Those who can pay, do. Guests are even able to pay it forward with a little extra to enjoy coffee or a meal and the feeling of helping someone in need.

IMPERFECT loves people and loves to give people second chances. They are a beautiful expression of what it means to "love your neighbor." Guests enjoy deliciously crafted meals and coffee in the thoughtful restaurant space.

Most who work at IMPERFECT learn to serve the guests, make coffee, and prepare meals as part of a job training program to help them get on their feet and support themselves and their families.

Will you help IMPERFECT?

A Church Made of Glass

Castelldefels sits on the Mediterranean about 20 minutes outside of Barcelona, Catalonia. A city of about 60,000 people, its name means "castle of the faithful."

A few years ago, God began to stir the hearts of Iglesia Evangelica. They felt their city needed to see they have nothing to hide. So, they prayed, gave, and worked. And now, they have a new platform for ministry in Castelldefels – a building made of glass to show that everyone is safe and welcome. Transparency. Literally.

IMPERFECT is part of Iglesia Evangelica's plan to serve their city in a practical way.

Seeing Their Neighbors Differently

Not only can their neighbors see inside, but the church in Castelldefels has an unselfish perspective on how to see their neighbors on the outside. Their vision reads:

We love God. We talk about Jesus. We care about people.


The heart behind IMPERFECT Restaurant is that everyone is broken, but through forgiveness and love everyone can be restored.

The interior of IMPERFECT features reclaimed furniture. Church members salvaged and repaired each piece by hand to illustrate the truth that God restores broken lives.

IMPERFECT helps people every day. Now, we have a way to help them.

Sarah and me with Pastor Danny, who found inspiration for IMPERFECT from Bon Jovi's solidarity restaurant.

IMPERFECT is not some high-rolling, bloated non-profit. It is simply the work of a church that has created something beautiful through their own blood, sweat, and tears.

My heart is to help encourage their team to press on in their inspiring efforts to love their city. That's why I am taking the time and effort to encourage you to chip in a few dollars and show them some love.

When you give $20 or more, I want to send you one of the thoughtful thank you gifts the IMPERFECT staff has hand-prepared for you. It will serve as a reminder of prayer and friendship for our dear friends in Castelldefels.

Don't wait! Let me know you'd like one of these gifts so I can send it to you before Christmas!

Let's help IMPERFECT continue to love and serve the people of Castelldefels.