DisneyUniverse The happiest place among all the stars...


To brighten everyone's day & make everyone happy

Rules and Guidelines

1. You may drive goffy karts (go karts) 8 a.m.- 9 p.m.

2. No curfew allowed!!!

3. Must be at home unit 3 hours per day.

4. No currency$$$

5. Must come to annual metting lead by caption hook

6. You get eaten by Simba after your 10th chance.

7. You can fly with Peter pan or Allidian once per month

8. Must be 16 to get married and must get married in Aurora castle

9. Must be 20 to have kids.

10.Must have fun and be happy:)


Must apply for membership

Must be able to keep self control

Must keep rules or guidelines


1. Eat breakfast

2. Free time/playtime


4. Daily meeting

5. Free time/Playtime

6. Dinner/Household hours

7. Community Activity

8. Sleep (optional)

location: A pretty tropical island in the caribean that disney owns and bought in 2020


Our community has a monarchy. Our chiefs name is Chief Disney. The reason why we have a monarchy is cause we only want one person in charge. We will still have a communitee but we want one main leader as in our cheif disney to make all desions.

why is disney universe such an amazing magical place to live

Overall, our community is a such an amazing wonderful magical place to be. It has the best disney caracters, As in all of them and is just the happiest place to ever be . if you are kucky enough you will be able to live here with all that you can imagine


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