A normal Spring day

Aidan Cineiri

Miss Mutter



It was a warm spring day and I had just met up with my friends Kole Sisson, Adam Barboza, and Dan Marcello right after we got out of school. We usually did the same thing after school.We would to go to Chops and then Tucker field, or vice versa. But today was different… We planned on throwing the lacrosse ball around that day since it was nice out and we all had our lacrosse sticks. Upon our arrival, we saw people on the field. We thought let's just go to chops first (Cumberland House Of Pizza) and then we can go later and they will probably be gone. So while arriving at Chops we ordered two pizzas and some drinks. We fooled around a bit stuffed, our faces and finished our meal. Then we thought, "hey all the kids are probably off the field now." We packed our things and started to walk. So we all headed out to find that all the kids were still there. We weren't gonna leave just because there were a lot of people there, we thought maybe we could just share the field since they weren't using all of it. We went up to the group of kids to find out they were all older than us, but we knew some of them since they were freshmen at the high school and some eighth-graders from North. To them, though, we were just little 7th graders. During this time while we were asking to use the field Kole had to go off and somehow annoy the biggest kid at the field to the point where he wanted to rip koles head off. Guess who had to save his butt from getting beat up? I told the kid “Hey man chill, Koles much smaller than you and pretty stupid too, so stop trying to start things.” He didn't listen so I screamed “Who lit a fuse on your tampon?” Seconds later he was chasing after Kole and just as he was about to hit him… BAM, I had hit him in the side of his ribs at full speed, lifting him into the air and then slamming his body onto the ground. I told him "f**k off man, you are messing with the wrong kid. Kole didn't do anything to you and he's much smaller than you.” He answered with “Let's slap box b***h!” I wasn't having it, so I said "let's fight" That's when I punched him right in the jaw and he fell to the ground like a stack of bricks. I jumped on him seconds after hitting him in the face and put him in a choke hold he was screaming and calling me names. Then Jayden Struble ripped me off of him because he didn't want anyone else to get hurt that day. He got up, tears in his eyes still talking trash to Kole and I and eventually gave up trying to be tough. He walked home crying all alone that day all because he thought it was ok to beat up a kid much smaller than him who couldn't fight back. He had thought that he would look cool and tough and it left him without any friends that day. No one wants to be friends with a bully. We had the field to ourselves after that so we played our butts off that night. Kole and I ended up becoming closer as friends because I stood up for him in a time where he needed help. We are still really good friends to this day.

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