The Things We Love Sophie Palmer

Models: Rachael and Benjamin

Just the other day I had a thought, what do I love? I mean I know I love my family, and friends but what else. This lead me to have a super deep thought, and i mean rly deep. Do I love something thats not a person?

Models: Dylan, Emily, Jacob and Annabelle

You see we love the people in our loves because they make us laugh and support us, but a candle cant make you laugh or support you you some people just rly love candles. I mean you love the your girlfriend/boyfriend because they make you feel special and important but can a necklace do the same, because I know plenty of people who say they love their Tiffany necklaces.

Models: Jacob and Emily

Thinking about this made me realise something, its not the object itself but the memories that go with it that make us love something thats not a person. My friend that loves candles does yoga with her candles most weekend. And the friend with the necklace, it was given to her by her parents. See what I mean memories.

Hand Model: John

At my Grandparents house there is a box of old things, watches and cufflinks and pens, everything you could think of, that all belonged to my Great Grandparents. In that box is a compass. The compass itself is very old and probably isn't directionally correct but it has a story. It was my Grandpa's fathers, so my Great Grandpa's compass which he used for much of his life, showing the direction and the way. His father gave it to him to show him the way, and Grandpa loves that compass. You could say that it is because of the connection to his father.

Hand Models: Gail and John

I'm not saying that people don't love other people. No no no. My grandparents are honestly the cutest couple in the whole world. They argue with each other about nothing really, but they always hold hands when they're out. Its rly cute and when one of them is in hospital the other is kind lost.

Taken at Gardeners Creek Ashburton

The last thing i want to say is that I love nature. Throughout this whole article I thought about what I really love. Nature. I realised how wonderful and unique plants and animals are, they're almost like people, each with different personalities and traits. When I was walking with my Mum this morning i saw these ducks playing in the creek near my house. They were drifting in the current and then they would drift apart and they would scramble back together and one would bite the others feathers, super adorable! I realised how lucky we are to see and have these amazing things right near where we live. So there you go theres what I love. What do you love?

All photos taken by Sophie Palmer to accompany article.

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Sophie Palmer

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