Revolution and War in Russia Group 5

Overthrowing the Czar and why?
  • Russia's economy was outdated which caused prices to skyrocket and by 1917, famine in large cities.
  • Most Russian's were displeased with Nicholas II's leadership, lack of representation in government, and the czar's lack of concern for his people. This culminated into a massacre called "Bloody Sunday" where unarmed protestor's were shot down by the Czar's troops.
  • Centuries of oppression toward the lower classes from the tsarist regime along with the Czar's failures during WW I created resentment of the Russian government. Living conditions in urban areas for industrial were poor. According to a survey taken into 1904, an average of 16 people were living in each apartment and it was 6 people to a room with no running water. Soldiers on the front lines were suffering from lack of equipment and protection.
  • Soldiers on the front lines were suffering from lack of equipment and protection from the elements. They also had unskilled generals and officers commanding the Russian troops which lead to a large loss in numbers. The famine caused problems on the front lines as well which caused the country to struggle to support both its soldiers and its citizens.
How the Revolution Effects WW I
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Lenin and Bolsheviks/Bolshevik Takeover
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Opposing forces in the civil wAR
  • The two forces in the Russian Civil War were the Red Army and the White Army
  • The Red Army consisted of communists and their supporter
Communists and War
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New Government Under Communism
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Lenin’s NEP

Lenin Died in 1924,Everybody ex

Stalin Taking Over
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