Northwestern Mutual Norwalk Office

April Leaders


Desmond - 30, Warren - 15.5, Matt - 13.20


Matt - 61k, Gary - 34k, John - 33k

Under 5's


Desmond - 30 Lives and 11k Premium

Congratulations on an awesome month Desmond!!! 30 Lives!!! Wow!

Office Production

Office PPA User Rankings

A PPA User is defined as someone who has delivered a minimum of 60 2+ Module plans over a 12 month rolling period

Calendar and Awards Year Rankings

Office Recognition

Congratulations to Nadia Ayad for tying for 1st Place and Rich Fortier for tying for 2nd Place as March BRAVO Award Winners!

Congratulations to Desmond Anderson and Warren Pena for winning BOTH the New Advisor and Veteran Advisor brackets of the 2017 March Madness Lives Tournament! Enjoy your new 55" and 65"TV's!!

May Multicultural Dates

Upcoming Events

Northwestern Mutual Annual Meeting

Rob Reni CFP, ChFC

June 12th 9:00am

Norwalk Office

Robert Reni, CFP®, ChFC® has led a financial services team affiliated with Northwestern Mutual since 2003. Robert specializes in supporting individuals and closely held businesses concerning a variety of business, estate, investment, insurance, and pension planning decisions. Robert has earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) certification through the CFP board of standards and the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) designation through the American College. Robert is one of a select group of advisors within the Northwestern Mutual system that is able to provide fee-only planning advice. Robert’s services include both fee-only and non-fee planning services.


June 22nd 9:00am

Norwalk Office

Ed joined Northwestern Mutual in October of 2008 and has almost a decade of experience in the financial services industry. He began his career as a financial representative after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from the AACSB accredited School of Management at Marist College. In 2011, Ed transitioned into being a financial advisor. He continued his studies and expertise by becoming certified in financial planning, and obtained his CFP® designation along with his CLTC designation.

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) is a national childhood cancer foundation dedicated to raising funds for research into new treatments and cures for all children battling cancer. Justin Maher from our office will be running the NYC Marathon on Saturday November 5, 2017 and has a fundraising goal of $10,000 that he will donate to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. His website with details for this fundraiser is:

MS Walk Fairfield-April 22nd

Team Red Avengers raised $1880 for the MS Walk!! Thank you to everyone who donated!

  • Scott Kephart
  • Kevin Luchetta
  • Adam Seiden
  • Shaylyn Welch
  • Dennis Julio
  • Craig Meadows
  • David Hachey
  • John Parisi
  • Desmond Anderson
  • John Lowe
  • Cliff Bray
  • Kristin Charney
  • Karen & Chloe Oberempt
  • Warren Pena
  • Juanita Olguin
  • Kim Oeding
  • Justin Maher
  • Brenda Wurtz
  • James Dobson
  • The Greene Family
  • Eddy Ricci
  • Margie & Pete Capaccio
  • Doly Vasquez
  • Cristina Moreno
  • Kathy O’Brien
  • Danielle D.
  • And a handful of anonymous donors!

Norwalk Office May Lives Challenge

Desmond and Warren have paid for 51.50 and 50.35 Lives respectively so far this year. They have chosen teams and there is an overall winning team prize of a free Happy Hour on Craig for the team who has the most Paid For Lives for the May Production month. Also, there are individual prizes based on points from Lives (1000 points), New Clients (1000 points) and Premium. Individual bonus prizes are awarded based on experience level. For every 40,000 points (Over 5's), 20,000 points (Under 5's) and 10,000 points (College Representatives), an advisor gets 1 custom made shirt on Craig from J Hilburn Clothiers.

Norwalk Office May Referral Madness Tournament

We are hosting an Office Wide Referral May Madness tournament starting - Monday, May 8th through Friday June 2nd

The brackets are being finalized and will be sent out during the first week of May.

Please refer FR candidates to Cliff Bray


  • Referral = FR candidate (name, number/email, reason why referring)
  • Referrals go to the recruiting department (for interviewing and tracking purposes)
  • Prize will be determined during the first week of May.
  • Whoever refers someone that turns into an FR contract gets $500 (this is for ANY and ALL referrals inside and outside the tournament)

MD Day in the Norwalk Office-April 21st

Office Meeting with Adam Seiden - April 28th

10 Lives Club - April

Desmond had 30 lives, Warren had 15.5 Lives, Matt had 13.2 Lives and Craig had 13 Lives for the April Production month! Do you want to be part of next month's 10 Lives Club?! Just write 10 Lives!

20 Questions with Scott Andreozzi

Name: Scott Andreozzi Jr.

Position/Title: Associate Wealth Management Advisor

Awards / Recognition: CFP

Place of birth/grew up: Born: Morristown, NJ grew up in New Fairfield, CT

Currently Live: New Haven, CT

Alma Mater: UConn

Favorite book: The Great Gatsby

Favorite movie: Goodfellas

Favorite cartoon character: Scooby Doo

Favorite teams: Boston Red Sox/Dallas Cowboys

Favorite beverage: black coffee

Favorite restaurant and/or bar: TK’s in Danbury

Favorite museum, gallery or cultural experience: Baseball Hall of Fame - Cooperstown, NY

Favorite band or performer: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

Favorite weekend activity: Spending time with my fiancé, Kayla

Iconic Industry or NM Figure: Nick Murray

Motto to live by: Learn from your mistakes, never make the same one twice

Favorite Prospecting Question: Which of your friends do you think would find this process helpful?

Favorite Fact Finding Question: What would you like to make sure we accomplish today?

I knew NM was the place for me when…………… I met Jim Nemec while interviewing for a position as a representative

Shout out to:

Craig for being our fearless leader and role model

Matt for being a great mentor and giving me the opportunity to be part of his team

Anne & Karen for being great teammates and all of their tireless work

Kat & JD for all of the hard work they put in on behalf of the office that often goes unrecognized

Ideal Prospect for Joint-Work: Values planning, willing to refer, either established in career or high potential trajectory, good saver

Anthony De Lorenzo's Planning Beliefs

I believe that being viewed as a Financial Planner is far more prestigious than being viewed as an Insurance Salesperson.

I believe that Insurance Planning is the foundation of any sound Financial Plan.

I believe that EVERYONE needs a Financial Plan.

I believe in having a singular Financial Planning Document that threads the needle between one’s Insurance and Investment Planning.

I believe that any and every Financial Strategy employed by an individual/business be incorporated into a well thought out Estate Plan.

I believe that most of the public is looking to outsource their Financial Planning to a professional if they truly feel as if that person can be trusted to do right by them and has the competence to deliver the right solution.

I believe that clients who have been recommended and/or have implemented sound Financial Plans are more likely to pick up the phone upon being called again than if they were just sold a couple of Insurance Products.

I believe that being a Financial Planner early in one’s career is truly the only way for one to build a great and sustainable practice.

I believe that Financial Planning breeds referrals.

I believe that our industry is moving away from Insurance Sales, and that if you don’t stay ahead of the curve and become a good planner now, your practice will die later.

I, Anthony DeLorenzo, truly will serve my family, friends, community, company, agency, office and self by being a GREAT FINANCIAL PLANNER!

Kiersten Meadows Monday Schedule

"Good habits can be developed through repetition. By incorporating behaviors, task and attitude to their regular routines, they usually become a habit, thus becoming natural and virtually effortless." -Kellie Sullivan

Office Birthdays

May 5th - Craig Meadows

May 8th - Frank Landolfi

May 17th - Alfredo Porta

May 27th - Erik Reid

Cliff's Corner

Recruiting Activity

  • We had 6 Intern accepts for our June Training class. We now have a total of 10 interns going into our June Training class. Also this month we had 1 PGP accept who will be going into our June full time training.
  • Our full time productivity has definitely picked up but as we all know FR referrals are the best way to build our office. So if you know of anyone in the Fairfield County area that I should be talking to please let me know!

Cliff's Quote of the Month

“The greater danger for most of us isn’t that our aim is too high and miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” ~ Michelangelo

Quote of the Month

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