Alexander the great jacob Mccall

Alexander was taught Aristotle a Greek philosopher.Subjects included ethics, politics, medicine, natural philosophy and unstated esoteric knowledge, which may have been metaphysics. When Alexander was only 20 his father king Philip of Macedonia died, and their was no one in line to be king of Macedonia. Alexander's mother Olympia made sure that he got his spot on the throne.


His army was a 16 by 16 group and soldiers that could demolition city's. they carried 18 foot long pikes. This army took control of Persia, Egypt and some parts of Asia in just 11 years. Alexander was so power hungrey that his army made him stop going.


When Alexander was only 20 he was claimed king of Macedonia. He wanted to fulfill his fathers plan of taking over Persia. Then shortly after he was named king he went to take over Persia. It took him 2 years to take over Persia. after he took over.

Traveling the world

After Alexander took over Persia he kept going to Egypt. He took Egypt over quickly by coming though the eat with around 30000 soldiers. After he took Egypt over he went back up and started taking over parts of India and eastern Asia


When Alexander and his army reached India they forced him to turn around. On the way home they went though Babylon. In 332 b.c Alexander died at the age of 32. His empire streached from Macedonia to India. His empire crumbled along with him


In 11 short years his massive empire really had no leader because he kept trying to expand it he never had time to try and fix it. It had no real Government. His empire crumbled before he could real ever start it.


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