Blue jays facts

This is a Blue Jay eating.

Blue Jays like to eat nuts,seeds and sometime worms

How tall are Blue Jays ?

Blue Jays are about 1 foot ( 3 meter) long.

This is a blue jays eggs\nest.

How long is their life span?

Blue jays live up to about 5-6 years.

What is their nest made out of ?

Their nest are made out of small sticks,mud,grass,leaves.

What color is their eggs?

Their eggs can be blue,green or yellow with spots.

Where do they live?

They live in wood lands, eastern United states and Canada.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Blue Jays belong to the crow family.

Did you know Blue Jays fly south in flocks with about 250 birds.

We got our info from pebble go.

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