TIBETAN SICHUAN A Journey into REMOTE Tibet with wild images PHOTO TOURS

In 2018 Wild Images expedition leader Inger Vandyke led the company's first journey to remote Sichuan on the South-East Tibet expedition. This trip, which traversed a part of the traditional Tea Horse Route in western China, crossed the spectacular Kunlun Mountains to the edge of the Gobi Desert in western China before concluding in Lhasa.

In 2020 she will be returning with a small group of guests to Sichuan and Qinghai to explore some of the most untouched Tibetan cultures in the heart of China's ethnic corridor.

One of the performers at the Shu Feng Ya Yun Opera in Chengdu


Our journey will start with two nights in the beautiful city of Chengdu. Here we will enjoy breakfast with the Pandas and visit the elaborately beautiful Shu Feng Ya Yun Opera to photograph both the performance and the preparation of the various actors before the main opera.

The Shu Feng Ya Yun opera in Chengdu
Enjoy breakfast with the Pandas of Chengdu
Pandas are some of China's most charismatic creatures!
Portrait of a beautiful Rong Tibetan woman between the elaborately embroidered head dresses of her friends


From Chengdu we will drive to Kangding at the gateway of the Tibetan Plateau and a centre for the beautiful Rong Tibetan culture.

Street portraits, rosebud tea and rock murals of beautiful Kangding
Portrait of a beautiful Tibetan girl in traditional dress


Visit the premier horse racing festival of the entire Tibetan Plateau of Tibet at Litang

Ornate traditional dress in Tibet involves the heavy use of coral, turquoise, amber and silver. The annual Litang Horse Festival is one of the best places to photograph traditionally dressed Tibetans in the world

Camp overnight with nomads in the grasslands around Tagong.

The nomads of the Tibetan Plateau live in one of the most sparsely beautiful landscapes on earth

Experience life in a beautiful nunnery at Tagong

The nuns of Tashi nunnery near Tagong
The beautiful and brightly painted block houses of Sichuan


Explore the iconic block house architecture of Sichuan at Luhuo.

Scenes from the lofty and ornate Shuoling Monastery high on the hill above Luhuo
A stunning panorama of Yarchen Gar in the snow


Explore the second largest centre for Tibetan Buddhist studies in the world at Yarchen Gar

Visiting Yarchen Gar allows you to completely immerse yourself in the world of Tibetan Buddhism. It is home to over 10,000 Buddhist monks and nuns who perform a daily ritual of prayers, koras, lessons and gatherings in one of the most beautiful locations in western China
A beautiful doorway in the monastery of Dzongsar


A journey through two remote monasteries to learn about the Sakya sect of Tibetan Buddhism and the fabled sky burials of Tibet.

Remote and rarely visited, the monasteries of Khartok and Dzongsar are incredible for photography
The stunning emerald waters of Yulong Lacuo are beautifully offset by the brightly painted Tibetan boulders that adorn its shoreline


A visit to the oldest Tibetan printing press in the world.

A journey overland stopping for beautiful wildlife including Tibetan Foxes, Black-lipped Pikas and Birds.

Explore remote monasteries along China's fabled Tea Horse Route.

Cross the incredible Haizi Shan mountains and stop to visit beautiful Yulong Lacuo for photography.

Scenes from the original Tea Horse Route between Dege and Sershul.
Tibetan script on a mani stone at the largest stone wall in the world in Yushu.


Visit the largest mani stone wall in the world in Yushu. It is home to over 2 million mani (prayer) stones.

Scenes from Yushu

Join Wild Images leader Inger Vandyke on our Sichuan Photography Tour in July 2020.



Inger Vandyke

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