Alberto Lombardi, renown international touring guitarist and session man, celebrates the most famous guitar in the world, the Fender Stratocaster through the music of the great artists that made it a legend.

Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, John Mayer, Frank Zappa, Nile Rodgers... one guitar, the Stratocaster.

In his 20 years career Alberto has been playing all this music almost by chance, just to realize most of his musical experience gravitated around this intrument. Hence the idea of a concert reuniting all the great music written and performed on the Strat.

Alberto Lombardi is a versatile guitarist, has been put among the 8 new guitarists to watch in 2018 by Vintage guitar magazine, voted in the top 10 emerging guitarists in the world by Guitar Masters Poland in 2015, released instructional courses and records for Stefan Grossman, toured germany with Peter Finger e Tim Sparks, Played in the US, Belgium, Portugal, and has been a Taylor guitars artist for many years, player for the brand big events like NAMM show. Major guitar magazines featured Alberto's work, like Acoustic Guitar, Vintage guitar Magazine, Fingerstyle Journal and more.

Nile Rodgers, (Madonna, Duran Duran, Bowie mastermind of the band Chic) : “the record is killing, such great musicianship!”

Bob Clearmountain (mixed "Born in the USA" by Springsteen, "Miss You" by the Stones, "Let's dance" by Bowie and countless more hits) : "Fanatstic guitar player! Wow this is such a beautiful piece of music, you must be a very big star in Italy"

Tommy Emmanuel - “Alberto… I listen to your CD, thank you! It sounds beautiful and your playing and arrangements are very powerful. I wish you much success !! Big admiration to you .. “

Acoustic Guitar Magazine - "Italian Fingerstyle Master"

As a session player has toured with Chic's original singers Norma Jean and Luci Martin, west coast legend Robbie Dupree and Italy extensively for the past 20 years with major acts.

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