School Re-Opening FAQs March 2021

as we Are open in march for all pupils, we felt it necessary to share some frequently asked questions with you.
We hope this document helps to ease some concerns and answer questions in relation to the limited opening of school. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the school office or Speak to a member of staff.

Please note, this document should be used in conjunction with re-opening documentation which can be found on the school website and on Twitter @MilefieldP.

Return to Learning

What if my child does not want to return to school?

As schools re-open, attendance is vital and all children must attend, according to law. We have implemented many various transition methods for those pupils identified as requiring support. We have conducted home visits, sent various forms of communication and been on hand throughout the closure in January to deal with any issues you may have had. All vulnerable pupils were offered places in school and many offered laptops at home so they could see their classteacher daily and continue learning whilst in lockdown.

Please contact school in the first instance, we will work with you to ensure your child's education does not suffer. We can provide support with a wide range of issues/concerns. We ask that you contact us via telephone (01226710329) or twitter: @MilefieldP or @mfps_parents. If you can access Seesaw, you may use this or our Arbor service to communicate any issues too.

What if my child is shielding?

Please contact school and speak to Miss Jones in the first instance. She will require a copy of the letter from your GP. This will then work towards their attendance. They will be able to access learning for the period they are at home using our digital devices and online services.

what about my anxiety/concerns as a parent?

We have provided various platforms for you to communicate any concerns or worries with us as a school throughout lockdown. We ran coffee mornings weekly and have conducted home visits. Miss Jones and teachers have made phone calls home weekly to check in with pupils and parents. We are available any time during the school day if you would like to discuss any concerns. Please do read the return to school spark for clear timetables and procedures we are following to ensure the safety of all our families. The risk assessment is also available on our school website.

What if my child is struggling to access the learning on return?

All learning provided is year group specific and will be supported/challenged where appropriate. Staff are best placed to provide suitable work for each pupil in their year group. Our timetable and curriculum offer will be very similar to what children received in September 2020 when they returned following the first lockdown. Please see our remote learning spark page on our website. We also have parent meetings planned for the final weeks of this term to share their progress since return.

What if my child received support in class before the closure?

Targeted support groups/interventions will be set up and run in March, as they were in September 2020. This will also take place during daily lessons for some. Any pupils with SEND will receive support regularly too. The director of SEND is in contact with teachers and pupils regularly and has been during lockdown. Any meetings set up will be agreed by parents over the phone then take place remotely. If you have SEND concerns, please contact school in the first instance.

Will my child be in contact with other children?

Following Government guidelines, we have safely planned bubbles throughout school. This means your child will only come into contact with children in the same bubble at all points of the school day. Our staggered start and finish times, lunch and breaks will support the effective and safe use of bubbles consistently through school. Please see the school re-opening spark and risk assessment on our school website.

Will breakfast club provision be in place?

We recognise that some of our parents/carers require breakfast club provision to support their daily routines. We have therefore planned to reintroduce breakfast club from 8th March, places can be booked by contacting the school office and paying £2 per pupil, per day upfront by the Thursday before. Children accessing this provision will be in their own bubbles with designated adults to each group.

Will after school club provision/extra curricular activities be in place from the 8th March?

Unfortunately, at this time, we will be unable to offer after school clubs. This will be reviewed regularly and we will update you as soon as we are able to offer this. We will, however, offer booster clubs to all pupils in Y1-Y6 from Monday 15th March. There will be further information sent by classteachers in the first week.

Will my child be able to play with other children at play times and lunchtimes?

We know that, unlike older children and adults, early years and primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff. It is still important to reduce contact as much as possible and we can achieve this and reduce transmission risk by ensuring children, young people and staff where possible, only mix in a small, consistent group and that small groups stay away from other people and groups.

Will children be spoken to, in detail, about social distancing and bubbles?

We appreciate that children will have a more challenging time understanding the recommendation of social distancing and we will talk to children in age appropriate ways to try and help them to understand. This will also form part of our PSHCE curriculum weekly in class.

What if I have children in different bubbles with different drop off times?

Start and finish times have been communicated to parents/carers recently. The staggered times are short to reduce waiting times. If you do have issues with overlaps which cannot easily be resolved, please contact school office and we can discuss them with you.

How will lunchtimes work?

The first day back, 8th March 2021, all pupils will receive a free school meal.

School will provide meals for all children and meals will be available free of charge where pupils meet the free school meal (FSM) eligibility criteria. We will be managing this by having staggered lunchtimes for children and also looking at options for where meals can be served through school to minimise contact.

Can my child wear their own PPE?

Wearing a face covering or face mask in schools or other education settings is not recommended.

However, we ask that all parents accessing school site wear a face mask. Staff will also wear them on the playground when parents are present.

Will school test my child?

When a child, young person or staff member develops symptoms compatible with coronavirus, they should be sent home and advised to self-isolate. Their fellow household members should self-isolate. All staff and pupils who are attending an education or childcare setting will have access to a test if they display symptoms of coronavirus and are encouraged to get tested in this scenario.

Why are some schools using thermometers to see if a child can come in?

Some schools may use a thermometer to ensure the children are under a certain temperature before entering school. This is due to the fact that a high temperature is a common symptom of coronavirus.

Will there be sanitising gel in all classrooms?

We will be implementing the cleaning of hands more often than usual - washing hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with running water and soap and we will be providing hand sanitisers within classrooms.

Will the staff stay 2m away from my child?

We know that, unlike older children and adults, early years and primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff. We will only mix in a small, consistent group and that small group will stay away from other people and groups.

What will children be taught?

Those pupils eligible to return to school will be exposed to all aspects of the curriculum with a particular focus on social and emotional needs. We recognise the impact lockdown may have had on the core skills of reading, writing and maths so these will also be prioritised throughout each day. For further information please see our Recovery Curriculum.


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