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I am Harshit Kedia, an Automobile Engineer, and this is my "Folio-resume". It is designed to take you through my resume as a journey where every step I take, I learn new skills and tell you how they are useful. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

This is where I work. My garage. I have a strong passion for automotive and believe in the fusion of Art and Science. I wish to work in an environment which promotes and throttles my skills, fuels my urge to take up challenges and, design my skills making them better.
I've always had the dream of making a car which does not feel like a car but an extension of the user's own self, an organ of his body. A car which does not need any special training to drive and which adjusts according to the mood of the driver, to support and make his/her driving more relaxed and smooth after he/she has had a rather hard day at work
To realise my dream, I completed my graduation in Engineering with Automobile being my majors. A little history is as follows:
  • B.E | Sathyabama University (2015) | Major: Automobile Engineering with an aggregate CGPA of 7.38/10
  • UNDERGRAD XII | D.A.V. PUBLIC SCHOOL(2011) | XII’th boards exam with an aggregate percentage of 78.4%
But that was not enough! I wanted to invent. To make a work of science disguised in a work of art! How was I supposed to do that?!

My interests are:

  • Concept/Product Development.
  • Design/ Prototype Development.
  • Design Engineering.
  • Predictive Diagnostics/Prognostics.
  • Creative Works.
So, I went back to my garage after deciding I needed knowledge....

Design :

  • Proficient in usage of design software such as CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Alias.
  • Analysis and simulation using ANSYS.
  • Logo designs, page designs for our android app (Zene fit) using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


  • Working on algorithms to predict the failure of an automotive component based on data analysis using the data collected from our OBD II interface device(ZENE).
  • Working on an algorithm to predict the pollution caused by the car based on the data read by our OBD II Device.


  • Eight months’ experience in Network Chain Management which involved expansion of the service center network and maintaining healthy partner relationships.


  • Partner developer in 6Zene Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and have spent the last couple of months expanding and partnering up with service centers across Delhi/NCR to form an intelligent and integrated service center network for cars.

I also attended a training on the working of "Advance fuel injection systems" in BOSCH training facility, Chennai, India.

A Sponsor!

I find a sponsor for my dream! I got an internship offer from ZENE and started working as a "Special Projects Engineer"(Sept'15 - present).


  • Network Chain Management, Expansion and Handling.
  • Strategic Partnerships, Management and Negotiations.
  • Algorithms for Predictive diagnosis/failures of automotive components by data analytics using data collected by the OBD II Device developed by our company.
  • Logo design, 3d Modelling, 3D printing, content writing, etc
I also used this time explore some of my talents in writing, art, design and illustration and started working as a freelance "Brute artist"


The concept is based on the reduce, reuse and recycle idea and involves usage of waste to create sculptures and art.

Sample artworks :

and so many more.....


While continuously working on my dream and working on my skills, I started working on some of my ideas and projects and was awarded for them...


  • Development of smart IOT network devices for cars enabling a smart and intuitive user experience.
  • Predicting Pollution caused by a vehicle using the data available from OBD II interface devices. Also involved showcasing the pollution contribution of the vehicle in the city's total pollution level in a smart, intuitive way. This is a cloud service and enables real time tracking and alerting of a vehicle's pollution.
  • Final Year project on Hydraulic roll damping system for better roll and pitch stability during turns.
  • Working on a personal project on “Liquid Flow Battery”. This project focusses on making electrically stable, cheap and industrially feasible liquid electrodes and generating electricity by separating them by an IEM. This will significantly reduce the charge time of the vehicle as for a 100 % charge, only the liquid electrodes need to be replaced by new ones using a pump.
  • Maintain a Blog by the name "Future Vikaas". It is an incubator blog which showcases some of my own original ideas and promotes people to share their own ideas for sponsorship and support.
  • Have received freelance art projects and work on illustrations as a hobbyist.


I am now looking for new sponsors for my dream. An organisation where my unique skill set can be of help and we can help each other realise our potential....


So, if you feel we share the same ideology, why not ping me?

you can reach me on:

Harshit Kedia.

Mob: (IN)+91 - 9599060398

Mail : harshitkedia@yahoo.com

Or any of the social media->

Thanks for visiting!

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