Issue 0001 || February 2017


2017 may be the biggest year of change in men's fashion. With the beginnings of new trends and the works of fresh new designs. Be prepared for patterns, bright those bright colors! Here are some of our favotite looks

©2016 Bryan Lowrance for ANTI MEN magazine

Changing the game in men's fashion Bryan is taking his big steps into the fashion industry! "A lot of men are afraid of pushing the boundaries in fashion." Says Founder and President of B.E.B Company and ANTI MEN magazine. "They are scared of what others would think of them, but in reality, we are in a new age! No one should be afraid of being themselves!"

©2016 Zechariah Lowrance for ANTI MEN magazine
"The agenda of B.E.B Company and the ANTI MEN magazine is to not only teach other men great styling tips but also to give men the chance to feel comfortable wearing what they want to wear!" Bryan Lowrance


What is B.E.B Company?

  • B.E.B Company is a men's styling company where you can receive your own online stylist and they will do all of the hard work from shopping to styling!

How does it work?

  • You fill out the information on our Team B.E.B Website and we email you a questionnaire that is all about you! Your likes, dislikes, you wants, and don't wants! Our team reviews your paper work, and sends it to Bryan Lowrance and contacts you for an interview. And next he does ALL of the shopping. Then he sends you up to five outfits. What you like, you keep, what you don't, you send back!

How do You pay?

  • We have three plans you can choose from! There is bronze, silver, and gold! All plans come with your own Moodboard which will showcase your inspiration for new clothes right on your device and a gift from Bryan!
  • BRONZE: Our cheapest plan that starts out at a $250 fee + whatever you want your shopping budget to be with a minimum of $150. It includes 2 outfits that fit your new style and one pair of shoes!
  • SILVER: With a plan that starts out at $300 + the shopping budget you provide that has a minimum of $250. It includes 3 outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, and a 2 accessories.(Jewelry, fragrance, hats, etc.)
  • GOLD: This luxurious yet inexpensive plan starts out with a $500 fee + your choice of a budget with a minimum of $1,000. It includes 5 outfits, 3 pairs of shoes, 5 accessories!



Valentines Day 2017


You are probably thinking ‘why is the world is there an article about dating in a men’s fashion magazine?’ Well truth being told a lot of us guys don’t have a romantic bone in our bodies! And sometimes we need a little help wowing that special someone. As matter of fact we went to some of our female friends and they helped us create this list that saves you from those basic dinner and movie date.

#1 Show off your cooking skills!

One of the first ideas that one of our friends stated is that they love it if a man were to cook for her. And with that the other girls were ear to ear, smiling in agreement. She goes on stating that she would love it if he would invite her over to his home and simply cook!

“It doesn’t even have to be fancy!” she said. “It is the thought and the work that went into it that makes it special.” So, stay away from those reservations this year and show a lady how special she is by whipping the best meal you can! Whether it is a recipe you found offline or you call your mom! Show off those cooking skills!

#2 Take her dancing!

Another girl in the group stated that she would love for a guy to take her dancing! When asked what if they guy sucks at dancing? (Such as myself) She stated “It’s cute!”

“Besides I suck at dancing too!” She states jokingly “And if a guy were to be good at it, it would be sexy, but would get annoying if he tried showing off so much. Or even tried teaching you instead of letting me have fun and go crazy with my bad dancing!”

She also stated that food with that dancing would be great too! So, if you were to cook her a meal at your place then take her dancing afterwards, would make her night perfect!

#3 Cuddling under the stars

Perhaps going camping. Believe or not you guys, some girls don’t mind going camping and being out in nature! As matter of fact the first thing one of the girls stated was being under the stars, lying on a blanket, cuddled up and talking. “Just simply talking.”

All the girls agreed that the simple night, would be the best date and started listing the things that would make the date even better such as, a bottle of wine, nice and slow music, and being with that special someone and talking about everything under the stars! (literally!)

In conclusion, it seems like these girls know exactly what they want in this valentine’s day. And it is not a dinner and a movie. So, this year change it up! I guarantee you will be happy you did!

Tech of the Month

Helo Watch is is the latest smart watch that is that we think is best not just for your fitness, but for your overall health! As seen in the video above, The Helo Watch collects not just your heart rate but your blood pressure, blood oxygen, breath rate, and so much more! And the best part of it, even though it sounds like it is going to be crazy expansive, its actually cheaper than most of its competitors! If you don't believe us, check out for yourself by clicking the link below!


Each month we will be providing our readers with monthly challenges that will change your unhealthy habits and getting you in the best shape of your life! This month, our challenge is getting to get rid of those extra holiday pounds and getting your body summer ready!

Check out your workout chart we found and a trying out this month!

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