New Secretary Needed for the Department of Defense

Deceased Secretary: James Mattis

The pupose of the DoD is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country.

A new Secretary is needed. Secretary Mattis was very ill and has passed. We will miss him, but we need a new secretary fast. We have made the best we can help you understand the importance, what you do as Secretary, and what you have to do to apply.


As Secretary of Defense, you:

  • You are the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Defense
  • You have power over the military second only to that of the President
  • You comfirm high ranks in each branch of the military
  • You are the higher over the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.
Military Departments

Now that you understand what the Secretary does, if you match the requirements below, and you feel up to the task, how you can become the next Secretary.


These are the following requirements you have to have to be Secretary:

  • An individual may not be appointed as Secretary of Defense within seven years after relief from active duty as a commissioned officer of a regular (i.e., non-reserve) component of an armed forces.

It's not much, but if many people apply, we will decide based on Education, Experience, and many other factors.

How the Secretary Helps the President

The Secretary of Defense is the principal defense policy advisor to the President. Under the direction of the President, the Secretary exercises authority, direction, and control over the Department of Defense.

Good Ways to Improve your Chances to Become the Secretary of Defense

James Mattis had many high honors, good education, and he served in military. When your older is when you will have a bigger chance of being the Secretary, because you have had more experiences. Here is a backround of James Mattis to give you an example.

  • Education:┬áCentral Washington University
  • Service in the Military:┬áServed form 1969 - 2013,
  • Retired United States Marine Corps General
  • Has earned many awards such as the Broze Star ( with Valor ), Meritorious Service Medals, and the Defense Distinguished Service Medal.
  • Serverd in many wars such as the Persian Gulf War, Iraq War, and First and Second Battle of Fallujah.

The Way to Apply

If you want be the Secretary, your going to have to get votes, just like the presidential elections. Get people to want to have you as the new Secretary of Defense. Your going to have get many votes from many different. With the right personal backround, you might be the next Secretary of Defense.


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