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"True Progression"

This photo was not actually taken on purpose (no pun intended). I love to go outside and take photos of nature. We have a cat that loves to be loved and petted, and every time you walk outside he runs up to you. So I bent down and petted him for a while. Then just for fun I took a picture of him. I didn't relies what I had at the moment. Later scrolling through pictures, this popped up. I looked at how happy he was, and how in perspective his face is. He feels love, and it's funny to think. My mother brought him home from work, because he was a stray cat running around her bosses restaurant. He would hang around and we would feed him, and if you got near him he hissed and ran away. To think of that's how he started out an unloved, unloving stray, and know he won't let you walk away without some love, is interesting. I think the photo helps you see that evolution and his true happiness.

"Mannequin In Motion"

This represents overworking in the art world. I'm not saying you should not be determined and motivated and work hard for your work. I'm saying there's a limit. A point where you work so hard you disappear. Which can be good or bad. If you work TOO hard you'll go missing. Your friends family have lost you. You have worked so hard that even your mannequin desires to escape your oppression. This is why the mannequin runs away. So work hard, but take a break.

"Clouds To Heaven"

I chose this photo not only because of the story behind it but also because of the overall visual appearance. It's one of the most gorgeous pictures I ever took. This is because of the sky, of course. I like it especially because its only two colors in the sky (blue and white), but there all a different shades of blue and white. This photo is also supposed to give you a feeling of happiness. This is what I originally made this for. But like most of my work I like to give it story, because in my opinion nothing can truly be art without some sort of story. This photo represents a road to happiness. The road is supposed to look like it is leading into the sky, which is made to give you joy. So it basically means move on down the road to be truly happy.

"Country Living"

I very much enjoy this photo. I think it has wonderful depth with the trailer going into the background, it feels like you can run back there. The sky looks like a fantasy from a dream. I think my favorite part of this photo is its depth. You could run into it. This photo ,of course, is a panorama. It's purpose was to make the country living appealing and make people want to try peaceful country living.

"Unknown emotion"

I chose this photo for my first and leading picture because it tells you what I'm like, and who I am in my work. Each photo is the same yet very different. Each one has the same facial expression, which I am very known for. That's what you can see, on the outside. But if you think about colors, shape, size, and angle of head, they are different. Each color means something different. For example, the red one is anger and rage. Its small and stretched, this is to make it look crushed and stressed. As in the crushing feeling of anger and rage and horrible thoughts. This is why she looks away. She thinks of those horrible thoughts and and does not want to see you.

"Destroyed Earth"

This one is all meaning. This photo was actually planned. When I heard still life this is what popped in my head. It was really my first photo with any meaning, and lots of representation. The apple represents the earth. The section that's missing is what we have taken away and/or destroyed. The knife is mankind. Going right through the core (fun fact, my original idea had multiple toothpicks through the apple, with no bite. Shows that nothing comes out as originally plan). You might also notice that the surrounding is in black and white, and only the skin is in its regular colors. The inside is black and white. This is saying you may think something okay, but you have no idea.

"Horrors Of Delight"

It was a misty morning. The mist made the back more faded. So by comparison, the trees in front look a lot more detailed. The texture looks like a cutting board. I added it and wondered if it would look okay. The answer was "YES!" The texture gives it a old authentic look. I called it "Horrors Of Delight" because while the texture is delightful it looks slightly like the cover of a horror movie. I think that's good, and bad!


This photo is a portrait. I like this photo because of the way the subject is positioned. The portraits were being taken fast. We were walking down the road in a group, and nobody wanted to pose. Even if they did pose, they wouldn't do it for long. Then you have everyone trying to take a photo too, so you have to make sure there not in the way including there shadows and its a mess. So I think this photo came out nice for its time. Some things I would change if ever given the opportunity would be getting rid of that yellow wire. Its almost distracting. I personally never noticed the wire until recently. So I don't think its to bad. Another is I might have told the subject to change his mouth a little. Its slightly awkward.

"1,000 Faces"

This is a kaleidoscope. I had a photo with great sky. I took part of it and made a kaleidoscope. The effect is really cool. It looks like a snowflake kind of, especially the middle. Its got its name because I was looking at it and I saw faces in it. Multiple faces. Can you see them?


This photo confuses people. I printed it out, and showed it to people. They would always be turning it around, trying to figure out which way it goes. They would usually put it upside down. I was actually really far from this pond. I know the best zoom is your legs, but that would have been trespassing. It kind of feels like, to me, that the tree is looking at itself. It looks proud of what it has became.

"Beyond The Wall"

The sky was beautiful that day. I was walking through the house and looked out the window. Immediately, I grab my camera and rush out the door! I took about a million photos. The sky has a variety of rich colors. I love the way the light hits the branches, but just barely. It gives it mystery. It kind of makes you wonder whats in there.

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