What was the daily life of women and children like in Rome? elizabeth simmes

The Romans believed that having good relations with the gods, or God, would lead to success for their empire. Rites were designed to maintain good relations with the gods and some offered gifts.

Children of wealthy families received an education either at their home or a school. The teachers would teach them their lessons slowly because the believed it was easier to grasp the lessons that way. Children studied grammar, read Geek and Latin books and prepare for public speaking. (Watts)

In Ancient Rome, the male was the head of the household, and the women would sometimes hold jobs and take care of the children, though the father made all decisions regarding his children. Children that were born into slavery had the chance to earn the their freedom by either purchasing it or have it granted by their owner. (Salisbury)

If the daughter was in an abusive relationship, she would return and live in the home with her father. But, sources show that daughters were still very close with their mothers despite living and being controlled by their fathers.

Fathers chose whether their daughters lived or dies at birth. "When an infant girl was born, she was placed at her father's feet, and if he told the midwife to feed her, then she was accepted into the family and raised." (Salisbury)

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