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Join this 200hrs yoga teacher training course and discover the traditional yet scientific techniques to help yourself and your students overcome pain and bring happiness and joy.

Practice & Practice..

Persistent Practice is the first step to become a good Teacher. The 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Course encourages learners to follow one simple principle, practice what you preach.

Yogic Kriyā

Working in Group

Working in small group encourages the learners to share the ideas, develop communication skills and create a fun learning environment.

Group Study

Practice & Learning

Practicing the techniques are the essential part of teacher training for learning how to teach. By practicing we develop the awareness of what a yogic practice feels like and how it can be applied on others.

Practice for Teaching

Correction Methods

Yogkinesis Teacher Training includes ancient methods to help teachers correct yoga postures of several students in a large class by using a minimal amount of time.

Corrections by talking

Help & Adjust

In Yogkinesis® Yoga Teacher Training, teachers don't force their students in to the postures but learn the skills to enhance physical performance of both themselves and their students. We strive for long term results.

A little push
Special Thanks to Ye Lu (Interpreter and Assistant Teacher)
First Batch Certified in Mandala Yoga Space, Chongqing, CHINA

Up Next in Phuket, Thailand

Join the Residential 200HR Yoga Teacher Training Course

Space limited to 8 students only.
Created By
Dr. Abhishek Agrawal


Mandala Yoga Space. Chongqing, CH

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