Photography Portfolio By: adriana Silva

Drip Painting

I decided to take the photography class, because I am and was interested in photography. I had no idea of how to use a camera but really wanted to learn how to take great images. I hoped to learn how to properly handle a camera, to learn how to use the different features on a camera, to be able to take creative images, to gain knowledge in photography so i could use it further.

Depth of Field

This image has a depth of field, the object is very clear and near the camera, while the further back you look the blurrier the background becomes. This image was taken with a large aperture such as F29.


This image has side lighting. The model clearly has light hitting the right side of her face/body, with a little catch light on the left side of her face, clearly seen in her eyes.

Before After

The image I optimized was a project our photography class did over product photography. I optimized this image because as clearly seen in the before image, the image has a distracting black line on the right side of the image. I cropped the image to 5 X 7 300 pi. I then throughout the image made very small fixes with the blemish tool to fix any distracting or unnecessary problems. The after image is not fully seen because Spark Adobe automatically crops the image.

Monarch Print

The image that has taught me the most was our Monarch Letters. It taught me to look at everyday objects in an extraordinary way. This image taught me to use the objects around me and look at them in a much different perspective. This project also taught me that any object around us can be useful for our images if we look at it in different ways.


In the future I plan to use the photography skills I learned in this class by simply taking more images. I really enjoyed the portrait project that allowed us to take an image of someone. I enjoyed taking portraits and defiantly will in the future. Another project I enjoyed was the HDR, I enjoyed going out side and taking pictures of nature, another scene I enjoy capturing.

Special Effects

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