My Father's Miracle

The story is about a young girl and her father who go fishing every summer in Chicago but the lake started getting really nasty and they couldn't go fishing so around Christmas time he started going to work a lot more. One day the news paper article said "it's a miracle" her dads job had fixed the lake so now they could go fishing. I can infer that every summer her and her father go fishing and bring them home to cook them.
This story was written because it show that no matter how much you give up on something there is still hope for you.
This story has a happy ending because the young girl went fishing with her father in the summer once again.
This story relates to my life because when i was younger me, my dad, and my grandfather went camping over summer for a couple days but my grandparents got a divorce and he moved. This summer he might come down so we can go camping again.

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