About THE Workshop

With a vision to bring a generational change, the Ervis Workshop aims to not just educate the youth, but to inspire the children between the age group of 6 to 18 years to interact, consume and dispose plastic in a responsible and sustainable way.

We aim to...

  • Create a platform where the youth can devise ideas, strategies and solutions that can contribute to reducing plastic debt and plastic pollution.
  • Act as a medium for children to implement the ideas, based on the available resources and feasibility.
  • Engage children in educational and hands-on activities that will create an all-round awareness and understanding of the existing problem of plastic.

ALOHA dubai!



444 Students


500+ plastic bottles reused AND RECYCLED

Over 200 ideas and solutions brainstormed


Children engaged in insightful screening, guided discussions and hands-on, fun and engaging activities that tickled their creative-bone to innovate and brainstorm solutions to tackle the plastic pollution crisis.


Children were screened a short documentary by Plastic Oceans and several videos that gave them a global understanding of the adverse impact plastic has on the oceans and the animals that live within.


We began the workshop with the students of Grade 4, who put on their capes for the day and brainstormed innovations and ideas that can help save the world from the villainous Plastic.
The superheroes save the day!

- A story by Aarav, Ayan, Atharv and George (Grade 4)

" Excel R-8 is a superhero robot that went to all of the Gyres on earth to clean them up. Excel R-8 was very happy that so much trash would be removed from the earth. But, he did not know if he had enough power to remove all the garbage from the Gyres. But he made up his mind that saving the earth from plastic was his number one job, and he will continue doing it till he wins one day. "

SYE - The Smart Recycling Bin

- A story by Harveen and Navya (Grade 4)

" Sye is a smart recycling bin. He always collects garbage fallen on the beaches. Everyone always ignores him and continue to keep throwing plastic items on the beach. One day a boy came to the beach and saw Sye. He decided to help him. Other people saw them and decided to join them in cleaning up. Sye was no more alone in his fight against Plastic Pollution. "

the changemakers

Grade 5 and Grade 6

A Quick Plastic Audit

Having understood and realized the repercussions and dangers of plastic consumption on animals, environment and even human beings, the students of Grade 5 and 6 came up with innovative ideas and solutions to replace plastic in day-to-day lives, with a hope to create a plastic-free future for the Earth!

Solution #1

- by Durga, Krisha, Michelle, Maanya and Jessica (Grade 5)

" We can invent Eco-friendly tubes that are submerged into the ocean and has special detectors that can detect and suck only plastic, without harming any of the marine animals. The collected plastic waste should then be sent to the recycling centers."


Sancia Kairo of Grade 6 shared easy ways in which students can reduce plastic pollution within their schools and campus:

  • We can bring steel bottles and refill it in our schools, instead of using plastic bottles.
  • We should throw waste such as juice boxes and chips packets in recycle bins.
  • To make the students more aware, campaigns and workshops should be regularly organized in the school.
  • We can reuse waste plastic bottles by creating pencil holders and use it in our classrooms.
  • We can arrange 'Best out of Plastic Waste' competitions in the school.

the digital champions

Grade 7 and Grade 8

The students of Grade 7 and 8 found an effective and a positive way to use social media by designing creative campaigns, with catchy and informative captions and hard-hitting visuals, to spread the message on the plaguing problem of plastic.

The social media campaigns were created by Gayathri, Suha, and Ria (left) and Vridhi, and Vaishnavi (right)


In collaboration with artist, Hemalatha Ravi, children reused over 200 plastic bottles to create works of art. The artworks were characterized by wind chimes of all shapes and patterns. Children also created art works out of bottle caps and waste plastic scraps.

Awareness Post Cards with waste bottle caps created by Bhuvan, Medha and Ayesha (left) and Kaashvi, Karmit and Ekansh (right) of Grade 4
Wind Chimes created by the students of Grade 5 and 6
Plastic artworks made by the very creative, Srushti, of Grade 5

Our team!

Our journey to ending plastic pollution has only just begun. We aim to inspire many more such youth to become torchbearers of our movement and bring about a generational change in the way we consume and dispose plastic as a society.

For more details follow us on:

Visit our website: www.ervisfoundation.org

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