Billy Sunday By austin nicholson.

He was born on November 19, 1862 and died on November 6, 1935. He was a really Successful baseball player but when he stoped he became a preacher. Over 10s of thousands of people came to his sermons just so they can hear him preach. Billy left high school without a diploma to go play on a baseball team in Ames.

He got drafted to the Chicago white stockings and immediately accepted.On 1886 he was invited to church and accepted Jesus Christ. In 1888 he married Helen A. Thompson. In 1891, Sunday quit baseball to focus on the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA).

Sundays first rival meaning and over 100 people were saved. He became a preacher on 1903. His wife became sad without him so she traveled with him and helped with his finance. In 1917 he did a 10 week program in New York and it saved 98,000. Billy's farther died when he was only one years old in the civil war.

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