Where I've Gone The story of why it took me ten years to return

After the Trojan war I began my 10 year journey back home.

The Cicones we thought were nice men however when my men made a mistake they came over to fight on horseback. As always my men were scared but not me I'm never scared. We had to make a decision either fight them or go back to the ship. During the fight we lost many men, on each ship there were six benches cleared of men.

After the terrible encounter with the Cicones we ended up on the island of the Lotus Eaters. I told my men not to go venturing off because I knew it would only take us longer to get back to Ithaca. You would think that a couple of these flowers wouldn't do any harm , but these flowers forget where you are and make you lose all desire to get back to your home. All I can say is that I warned them not to go and eat the flowers. I mean who eats flowers anyway, not me the great Odysseus.
We then landed on this beautiful island and we wandered around on this island until we saw a cave with food and water inside. We just figured that we could help ourselves, because it was cheese and water and we needed food. Little did we know that this cave was a home to a Cyclops!! This cyclops was not happy that we ate all of his food and drank his water. So in return we gave him wine and let him drink until he fell asleep. After he fell asleep we took a sharp piece of wood and stabbed his eye ( It was all my idea). We waited until morning then we made our escape.

After our desperate escape from the cyclops we landed on an island that had fresh water and so I got off the ship and tried to get some fresh water. But every time I tried to get water it would disperse away fro my bag. I then found out that this island was the home of Aeolus the wind god. He did me a favor and put the stormy wind in a bag and sealed it tight. Then told me not to open the bag until I returned to Ithaca. We were so close then one of my idiotic men took the bag when I was sleeping and opened it.

After my men disobeyed me and opened the bag we ended up on the island of the Laestrygonians. And little did we know that these men were cannibals. They destroyed all of our ships but mine. Though we had lost mostly all of our men

After we were chased of the island of the Laestrygonians we ended up on an island that was home to a witch. She took some of my men them turned them into animals. When i tried to explain to her i needed those men she made me promise. After I did her a favor she rturned my men to me and we could continue our journey back to Ithaca. But of course getting back would not be so easy.

Circe told me to go to the God of the underworld and he would give me news of where to go and how long it would take me to return to Ithaca. This time only I went to meet the god since I assumed if any of my men came they would die, and I couldn't risk losing anymore men. Little did I know what was in store for me when I got off the boat. I saw my mother and after seeing her it made me want to get home even faster.

I returned to Circe's island for a quick moment then we started on our way again.

After the brief visit with Circe for a second time, she told me that of went the way of the sirens I would lose my men to their singing. Once we made it past the Sirens we encountered Charybdis and she is a giant whirlpool and she would swallow our whole ship and i would never be able to return. Circe told me though that if I go past Charybdis and go continue on to Scylla then I will only lose 6 of my men instead of all of my crew. Meanwhile none of my men are with me so only I know there fate.
After traveling for as long as they have my exhausted crew needed a rest, but I knew if stops on the island of the Sun God my men would eat his sacred cattle. I thought that our provisions would be able to allow us to make it back to Ithaca but just as we were passing The island of the Sun God of our provisions were gone and we needed to stop. Well I told my men not to look at the cattle because I knew that they would want to eat them. As always though they didn't listen and soon enough my men were eating the cattle. And of course the Sun God got mad and the sun disappeared and it started to get stormy.
This is the part of the story where things are interesting because at this point I'm basically on my own trying to make it back to Ithaca. Most of men are gone and I still can't get back to Ithaca. I end up on the island of Calypso she is a Nymph and she holds me captive for close to seven years. This is where I spend most of the ten year journey back home. As it seems that most of it was spent actually traveling it isn't and this was a stop that I shouldn't have made.
My last stop was the kingdom of the Phoenicians and this is where I had to recite my trip to the king of Phaeacia and after my tale he allowed me to return back to Ithaca on his own ship with his men guiding the way back. This is when my journey back home ends and I disguise myself as a beggar to beat the suitors that have destroyed the house. I have missed you greatly on my journey back home from the war and I hope you will forgive me for leaving you alone for such a long time.


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