Creating a Good digital Footprint Rachel Varughese

Why is this necessary?

Pretend your relaxing on a beach. You look down and see tons and tons of messy foot prints, kicking up all the sand. Suddenly, a wave washes up on shore and erases all of the sand, making the beach look cleaner and more prestine. This analogy is exactly what you should apply to your online life.

You might think that posting things online is something just for fun, but the things you release can greatly affect your future. If you share something inappropriate in any way, you will have to accept the consequences that'll come with it. Your reputation will always follow you in school, the work place, and your personal life. If you don't start cleaning up your footprints in the sand, they will be there forever.


The number of teens and adults that have social media accounts are increasing dramatically.

The millions of things you post will always remain on the internet forever.

People also use there time on multiple locations online, not just on social media.

Even the bad emails and texts you send could also affect you in the future, not just your posts on social media.

Consequences in...


Many people have not been able to join collages solely because of the content they posted online. Colleges that you want to apply for will always run a background check on you to see if you act like the person you say you do. Watch this video to learn about the people who didn't get accepted into colleges because of their online life and learn how to clean up your profile.

In the video, they said that roughly 12% of college applications were turned down solely because of what they found online. That is a lot of disappointed students and it's all because of what they posted.


The feeling of getting a job is wonderful! However, you also must keep that job. The things you post can get you fired and that's something you'd want to prevent. Watch this entertaining Good Mythical Morning video talking about actual people who got fired because of what they posted online.

This video is filled with real life stories of people that lost their jobs for posting something stupid. Don't act like that or else you'll face the consequences those guys did.

My experiences

I was scrolling through my twitter and looking at my tweets and realized that the things I like aren't all...what so ever. Sure, it's fun for me now but later on I'll have to actually go through and clean up a few things! Honestly I'm looking through my online history and am just questioning my life choice. Gosh, I'm such a nerd.

WHat can you do?

In some of the above videos, they said that instead of using social media to lessen your chances of getting into colleges or getting fired from your jobs, use it to your advantage.

Some tips they gave, to get into college, were to post tons of photos of your family or the events you've helped in so that they know you come from a good background. You can even start following your college's socials and like their posts so that they know you support and promote them.

For your job, you can follow your company's social media and share any new products they release. Maybe even give a short description for your consumers. Be as involved as possible.

However, don't try to hide your account because it looks very suspicious. Just be responsible and use social media to your advantage.

Be sure you are also aware of who you follow, like, or re-tweet. It defines you as a person.


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