LABO NOVO International Performance Art Station & Residencies by APU2M

23 place de l'Ormeau 04410 Reillanne, France_labonovo@gmail.com

LABO NOVO create by Maria Mouriès Estevens in september 2016 is an international artistic and touristic residency center dedicated to the transmedial work of performing artists from the international underground scene and authors. Located in the heart of the historic village of Reillanne in a Particular Hôtel built between the 12th and 18th centuries, Labo Novo welcomes travelers and the public to experience ‘art in process,’ to immerse themselves in ‘a home as a work piece of art' and where, art and art of living would make our common partition. In this XIIth century residence, Casanova certainly came to court Henriette de Gueidan, the first woman musician to play the cello in the salons of Aix, Parma and Venice...

Can Art Change one's life ?

We works for an alternative society of the future. Alternative ways with another understanding of freedom. Realization of freedom in Culture. Only art and the idea of creativity and self determination being in the process of creativity can build a world a better place to live. Actually we need space to experiment, to create and sharing. The meta-political, cultural, educational, religious, economic, the most exciting adventure in the history of our beautiful planet is now written, and we the artists, poets, authors, scientifcs, philosophers we are a part of the force. The project is currently supported by its owner, an artist painter and Land Art sculptor Wolfgang Warnke.

CREATION Residency of Katri Kainulainen & Maximilian Latva

Mai 2018

Two powerfull performers from Finland full of sensitivity and poetry... to discover... Now in creation résidency for one month.... Stay Tuned!

Katri Kainulainen & Maximilian Latva
Katri Kainulainen
Maximilian Latva

Yuko Katori & Jean Voguet Acousmaties Electroniques

6 mai 2018

How do you want me ? Stretched out on the ground, eyes closed ...sound spacialization experience, it was fantastic!

Au Salon d'Oriel à Marseille
Au Labo Novo

Issu du bruitisme futuriste, compositeur atypique de musique acousmatique et électronique, JEAN VOGUET poursuit une recherche sur le contexte de la présentation de ses œuvres (environnement, objets sonores …) et sur les notions de géophonies & hétérotopies acousmatiques. Les travaux qu'il effectue sur les « espaces sonores autres » : écosystèmes virtuels aux structures complexes (composés de matières sonores non vivantes provenant toutes de la synthèse sonore) et caractérisés par un très large spectre de fréquences variables ; génèrent une errance musicale initiatique - hors du temps et hors frontières - à dimension illimitée et temporaire. https://jeanvoguet.com/ ou https://soundcloud.com/jeanvoguet

YUKO KATORI a étudié la composition au Japon à l'école de musique TOHO Gakuen (BMus) de Tokyo et au Royaume-Uni à la Guildhall School of Music and Drama (MMus) de Londres. Elle a été membre de l'une des équipes créatives en résidence à l’OperaGenesis du Royal Opera House de Londres au Royaume-Uni, où elle a développé, de 2006 à 2009, deux pièces d’opéra : The Lily of the Valley (livret de R. Millner) & Sea of Souls. Elle a également été chargée du nouveau programme ROH du Royal Ballet, qui s’est tenu au Linbury Studio Theatre en 2009. En 2013, elle a été sélectionnée pour participer - en résidence - à un atelier de composition d'opéra dirigé par Peter Eotvos à Budapest. Depuis 2014, elle se concentre sur la création de musiques acousmatiques. https://yukokmusic.wordpress.com/


Performance art and exhibitions

UNGEMÜTLICH_Berlin/MARSeille/REILLANNE by frederic krauke

September 16th. 2017

Little space remains for the many, When proximity provokes, When the insistence of the one displaces others, Things then become uncomfortable. We will be witnesses to the zenith. High cultures perish due to the exploitation of resources. Belief in some one truth gives rise to conflict. Ideologies and gods, realities and convictions, ideas and bodies smash up against one another. Debasement, hunger, and hopelessness generate fear, poverty, and inhumanity. The grimace of fanaticism horrifies the world. Humankind stands before an evolutionary step of being fused between technology and information. To survive with dignity, humankind need to communicate, to exchange, and respect. Freedom of expression requires integrity. http://frederic-krauke.com/index.html

August 5th 2017




Exhibition hommage#1 Nicolas is Missing!

©Nicolas Primat

Nicolas Primat was the only artist in the world specialised in working with monkeys and apes. This long-standing interest has included ongoing residencies at the Primatology station, CNRS, Marseille, working with baboons (Papio anubis), at the Pasteur Institute, Guyana, working with squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) and at Apenheul, Holland, working with bonobos (Pan paniscus). Nicolas Primat started working with animals at the age of 14 as a young farm-worker. He saw his rural background and early intuitive contact with animals as integral to his work. Primat’s work began with a residency at CNRS Marseilles, working with tribes of baboons. His short film "Portrait de Famille" showed the artist being groomed by the tribe after many months of gaining acceptance. He spent long periods of times with the animals learning to communicate with them in order to be accepted. Primat’s practice included video, sculpture, photography, installation and performance. He exhibited internationally, most recently in the exhibition ‘Neo-Futur’ at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Les Abattoirs, Toulouse (2008), a major one-person show at the Chateau De Taurines, Aveyron (2007), curated by Pascal Pique, and finally in The Arts Catalyst exhibition Interspecies, at Cornerhouse, Manchester. He stimulated a new debate in the world of art and science about the way we humans regard our closest relatives and was an inspiration for the Interspecies exhibition. Nicolas Primat died in Toulouse aged 42, in early March 2009. Dr Rob La Frenais

Nicolas Primat_ paintings acrylique on wood, 1,20 x 1,20 cm
Nicolas Primat_ paintings acrylique on wood, 1,20 x 1,20 cm
Nicolas Primat_ paintings acrylique on wood, 1,20 x 1,20 cm


Author residency Caroline Sury

Caroline Sury in residency for a month to finish her next comic book, august 2017.
Caroline Sury in her cell with Bella, the bodyguards :)
Descending down the spiral staircase in stone made of 12th century. Nicolas Primat_Acrylic painting on wood
In the Artshop space, solidarity space for artists_Nicolas Primat_Acrylic painting on wood, 1.20 x 1.20 cm
Time to meet and signature with Caroline Sury, at the Librairie Regain, our partner.
Our elected representative for culture in the village, Pierre Weber, at the reading of' Cou Tordu' by Caroline Sury, in the ArtShop _Nicolas Primat_Acrylic painting on wood

LABO NOVO is a generator of forms, allows creativity to express itself, to meet people, to explore the plasticity of thought. To defend artistic expression, creation and safeguarding of forms and ways of thinking outside the norms. To innovate in relation to art, its modes of creation, transmission, reception and appropriation in order to open up new spaces of freedom.

5 aout 2017, vernissage of the exhibition 'Tous des Monstres of Nicolas Primat

Michaël Cros 'Les BB végétaux'

Performance of Michael Cros 'Les BB végétaux' 5 aout 2017.
Michael Cros 'Les BB végétaux'

Des BB Végétaux.Plants BB... a nurse... exposure to the sun... How to take care of these little hybrid bodies that grow at their own rhythm and never cry? Michaël Cros, born in 1972, lives and works in Marseille. A transdisciplinary artist, Michaël Cros puts bodies into play, whether they are alone or in relation to their environment. To do this, it combines puppetry, contemporary dance and digital arts. In 2003, he founded La Méta-Carpe in Marseille. With this company, he develops art-science projects in which he invites researchers in the social sciences (anthropologists, ethologists, philosophers) alongside the artistic team. Together they explore questions about our humanity and its future, starting from the continuity and discontinuities between human and non-human. Team : Sound : Luccio Stiz, Puppets, Peau-résille des BB Végétaux : Nathalie Guichon. Thanks : Olivier Fabre. www.lametacarpe.com

Michael Cros 'Les BB végétaux'
Michael Cros 'Les BB végétaux'
The audience during the performance of Michaël Cros, in the inner courtyard.


Rob La Frenais

English curator of independent contemporary art

Rob La Frenais works internationally and accompanies the creation of artists on original curatorships. Based in London, he has been developing an ambitious artistic program at The Arts Catalyst Gallery since 1997. Responsible for some of the world's most innovative exhibitions and events in the field of art and science, his latest major exhibition,"The Arts Catalyst, Republic of the Moon" took place in 2013/14 at FACT and the South Bank Gallery in London. Since then, he has organized several major projects. Her recent work can be viewed on her website: http://roblafrenais.info/

Dr Rob La Frenais from U.K indépendant curator of comptemporary art.
Adrien Meguerditchian - Researcher in the Laboratory of Cognitive Psychology – CNRS – Université Aix-Marseille

Adrien Meguerditchian, doctor in psychology and primatologist, studies the communication systems of primates in a comparative approach. The purpose of his work? To better understanding the origin... of human language. https://lejournal.cnrs.fr/articles/aux-origines-du- language.

The team during the showing of the film of Nicolas Primat 'Les Hommes allant vers...' realized en Guyane.

Interspecies correspondence

workshop : a place of the animals in our cities

2018/2019 Reillanne/Berlin/Marseille

To propose other ways of living together, all living beings together (human, animal, vegetale, minerale), to explore possibilities, to play with codes and conventions, to shake up the order of e?vidences and to provoke new sharing of the sensitive. To question the notions of humanity? and anima- lite?, to test the idea of nature developed by the West throughout its history, to rethink the relationship between mankind? Its environment, its history, and its own action of anthropisation of the world, to rethink the question of the limits between man and animal, its place in our world.

Participating artists: Patrick Munk and Franz J. Hugo, Amy J. Klement, Seamus O' Donnell, Maria Mouriès E., Theodor Di Ricco, Robin Martinet, Lùna & Franck Mouriès

Partners in Berlin : Ventilator Gallery .... In France : Adrien Mergueditchian researcher CNRS Aix Marseille Université.... Work in progress

9 september 17

Création In Situ d'un Rite sonore _ Voice and Saxophones



"Coyote" by Joseph Beuys

"Coyote" is first an action by Joseph Beuys, presented in May 1974 in a gallery in New York, in which the artist will live for a week with a coyote. For us "Coyote" is the experience of space ; of audible spaces and inaudible, visible and invisible space, existential space, to reveal, to open, to transform, to share, during an improvised sound rite. We are only agents, receptor-transmitter, between unspeakable and dictable, visible and invisible, human and non-human.

Natacha Muslera & Michel Doneda
Natacha Muslera & Michel Doneda. Pict by Guilaine Benjamin
Nicolas Primat_Acrylic painting on wood
The precious Mister Do, during the installation of Nicolas' exhibition
And meanwhile, it's the funfair in the village.
Two suites particular are dedicated to travellers' trips.
The library of reference works of art and documentation of artists, here, under construction by Gill Viandier, associate artist APU2M in the workshop of the Labo Novo .
Conversion of a bed into a library

A place to live as a piece of art

Travellers from everywhere :)
The chamber dedicated to artists and authors in residence, Painting Nicolas Primat on wood
A bit of history, here is a painting of the house's anceters, the Marquise Henriette Adelaïde de Gueydan.

Exploring new ideas and regenerate the social through the experience of art. Art being an experimental action that aims to modelize possible forms of life and make them available for public criticism.

Demonstrate through artistic gesture the transformative power of art on collective intelligence.

ARTshop artits solidarity

Officina Arrara in Portugal, Caroline Sury, Beuk, Valéria Ricketts

The contribution is redistributed to the place for its functioning to produce living art and quality events and to the artists for their work exposed in the Arshop.

Caroline Sury in the role of Henriette de Gueydan and Caté Valeski during the shooting for the Crowndfounding. Henriette, get out of this body! :)
Caroline Sury in the role of Henriette de Gueydan, Casanova's lover ;) for the crowndfounding film.
Caroline Sury in the suite of Joseph Beuys, Painting Nicolas Primat

July 17

Exhibitions dedicated to the locals artists of the region, but we are not a gallery!

Natacha Muslera, paintings from Marie Passrelli
APU2M team <3
At the same moment in the village a powerfull exhibition of zapatistas painting _ Chapelle des Pénitents, full enjoy!!

Social Sculpture

"L’art est ce qui rend la vie plus intéressante que l’art" Robert Filliou

KinoCook with Tampopo

KinoCook with the Association Tampopo "Ciné-club et petite cantine'. Une proposition d’atmosphère, des temps de rencontres et d'échanges autour du cinéma et de la nourriture traditionnelle japonaise.

Created By
Pénélope La Méta


Maria M.E

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