Body Shop Technician Eric Moreno 2nd period

Body Shop Technicians are the people that fix your car, not mechanical but physical. There are a lot of steps to doing this job. There is a lot of preparation done to the car when you remove the dents and apply bondo you need to sanded down with sand paper to get rid of the rough areas, and make sure that the body looks perfect if not you have to repeat it again. When you are done with that proccess you need to prime the area that you are gong to paint when you are dne priming you have to block-sanded to get a smooth surface. Then when you are done priming the song you have to cover the parts that you are not gonna paint. Then you have to clean it with reducer and prepare the paint. Paray it is the last step that you have to do.

I was introduced to this by my dad probably when he took me to his job I was surprised hoe the cars shape changed. I wanna do this job because I love working with cars.

Really all you need to do this job is a High School Diploma and some hands on training.

I will make a big difference in the community by making every car look clean and lit.


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