The renaissance By: Jasmin Jaramillo

Marco Polo and the Silk Road:The reopening of the Silk Road helps spark the renaissance.In the text states that once again they made the roads safer for travelers among these traders were a remarkable man from Venice named Marco Polo.This shows that Marco Polo was on the safe roads and traveling among traders.In conclusion Marco Polo was traveling with other traders on the Silk Road.

Italian Trade Cities

Medici Family

One the top left is the Medici family education. On the top middle it is artwork from the Medici family. On the top right is architecture of the Medici family.

Rediscovering the past

Greek and Roman classical ideas helped shape the renaissance.The art started to look more realistic and more detailed, than it did before.In the text it states "As Italian scholars read the ancient texts, they rediscovered the glories of the Greece and Rome"(305).This shows that the Italian scholars made their art better than how it was done before.In conclusion, this is how the classical ideas helped shape the renaissance.

Leonardo da vinCi

Leonardo Da Vinci was an amazing painter. He also was a sculptor,engineer and inventor. Leonardo studied human bodies to make his art more realistic.

Paper and printing

Top left: You are looking at the machine they used to print on paper. Top middle: You can see that the people were working on printing things on paper for people to read. Top right: You can see that it as the as hard to do this printing and pressing as writing it by hand.

William ShakeSpeAre

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