Glass frog the unseeable sight

What does a glass frog look like?

A glass frog is usually bright green or olive green its skin CAN be other colors. Its skin is see through that is why it is also called the see through frog. Its eye are like stones with cracks and a deep dark pool.

Diet-what a glass frog eat

The glass frog is not well studied but we know so far that its diet are small insects.

is the glass frog endangered?

This is a baby glass frog.

The Glass frog is endangered because of home lose.


Smaller species are mostly 0.78 inches long. Larger species can grow to be 3 inches in length.Small right!


A glass frogs most likely prededers are snakes, mammals, and birds.

Scientific name

Centrolenidae,Centrolenidae is its scientific name.

What family is the glass frog in?

The glass frog is an a amphibian.


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