25 Poses Guide From Sasser Stills Boudoir


Simple, fun and flattering. When wearing an off the shoulder shirt or sweater, tell them to pull one hand up as the other hand pulls down. Asymmetry is your friend. This gives their hands something to do so they aren't so focused on how they are supposed to be posing.


Tell them to arch their back, separate t heir feet a little, and think 'tall' as they start to pull their shirt up. Great transition shot to go from one outfit to the next.


Tell her to put her hips back and to criss cross her arms. I recommend shooting this photo from all angles, front lit and backlit too. You can have her peek down or straight into the camera.


Sitting down makes this feel so casual. Have her peek down and peak up while buttoning and unbuttoning her shirt.


Use the shirt like a robe. Have it drape around her. Make sure she isn't holding it too tight. You can make this more revealing or less depending on her comfort level.


Another great transition shot. Have her criss cross her steps, as she walks away, holding her shirt or robe low around her waist. You can also do this without underwear, or have the shirt just held in one hand as they walk away.


Have light coming from behind her, ask her to point her toes and arch her back. Have the leg that is closer to you the straight one. This can work on a bed as well, except with her hands down instead of her elbows.


Bring her other leg up so both of her knees are on the couch. Shoot from both above, and from directly behind. You can shoot this pose from many angles.


While sitting there on the couch, if she is wearing heels she can grab them, straighten her arms, and sit up off of her feet. You can also ask her to tilt her head back and shake her hair out. This can be done on any piece of furniture.


Silhouettes always sell. Start with her hands on her legs and have her slide them up her body until she touches the ceiling. Make sure there is separation in her legs and really show the curves of her body.


Ask her to separate her knees, use their straight arm to hide their stomach. You can also have them peek up or pull the bra straps off for variety in this pose.


Ask her to put her hands together, hair on the far side, arch her back like the yoga position called cow. Have her rock forward and back to get different variations of this pose. I like this pose best when the light is coming from behind them.


Similar pose but from a different angle. I find this shot works best at a shallow aperture, and with the top of their head cut out fo the frame. Make sure you don't see toes in the background.


Ask her to put her back up against the wall with the knee closest to you bent. For her hands you can have her run up and down their body, pulling at bra straps or pulling up on underwear


Tell her to put her elbows up against the wall (or refrigerator in my case). To make her butt look larger, you want the leg that is closest to you to be straight.


On a bed or couch, have her separate her knees, sit up off of her feet, and pull on her clothing. This example is my favorite variation of this pose.


I love doing this pose with the window behind me. Giving herself a hug can slim her figure. Tell her to her raise her shoulder that is closest to you for a playful look.


Tell her to put her hands together. Sink into her shoulder blades. Arch her back. Peek over her shoulder. This pose works best when the light is coming from behind your client.


This is a similar pose but with front light which works because we are now shooting her face from the front, instead of the lines of her back. If she is self-conscious about her stomach, you can move your position to the right and her arms will cover it.


From the previous pose, have her drop down to her elbows. The key here is to have her head more horizontal than straight up and down.


Tell her to roll on her side with her chest still flat on the bed. Have her arch her hips up as much as possible. Shoot this toward a window so the light is coming from behind your client.


Tell her to lightly touch her lips and neck to get a few different versions of this photo.


This pose can be beautiful in full nude. She can use her hands to cover her nipples to keep it classy.


With any surface that is around hip height when she is on her knees, bed or couch, have her put her chest on the furniture and then start to pull down her underwear. This one can also be more tame or more sexy depending on how much you have her pull down her underwear or whether she is wearing a bra.


Tell her to bend her front leg and pull up on her underwear. Also have her keep her elbows back. I'm shooting this from hip height.



Play with having her feet touching the floor, and then raised up to the table. This also looks great with the light coming from behind your subject. Hands look great pulling on her clothing. Have her arch her back so there is space between her and the table.


Tell her to put her middle finger right under her bum crease. Arch her back and keep her elbows back.


Tell her to point her fingers down near her belly button.


With a sheer sheet in front of her, have her move from side to side, rocking the weight from hip to hip.


Move her hair all to one side if she has a lot of it. Tell her to bring her knee that is closer to you higher. Ask her to raise her chin up enough so that there is no crease near her neck.


This is typically my grand finale photo. Tell her to use her head to prop up her shoulders. Point her toes, close her eyes, and lift her chin!
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