For the third time of asking... our man at synod day 2.

with Andrew Yates.

There is never a dull moment at Synod. Today is a good example of the variety of topics the church is involved with.

The morning debate was on a proposal to abolish the reading of Banns in churches as the legal preliminary before a wedding to be replaced by the local registrar to issue a certificate to confirm a wedding can go ahead in church.

Passionate arguments on both sides. Those in favour of the change highlighted the pressures on clergy to check identities with passports and the great fuss over finding which side of a parish boundary a particular house lay.

Those in favour of keeping Banns praised the missional opportunities from couples coming to church to hear their names called and valuing the prayers offered for them at such services. One story of a mother who just came for her daughters Banns as a chance to count how many pew ends would need Flower holders. But welcomed by the congregation she went back again and again and is now an active member of that church.

A close-ish vote rejected the proposal so you will continue to hear the cry of the third and final time of asking.

Then a lunch time meeting about Responsible Investments. The church is a significant player in the investment game with its reserves and joining up with other ethically minded fund holders have formed a block with over £2 trillion ! As part of our response to climate change they have just launched an Initiative that assesses how successfully companies in the energy sector are moving towards a low-carbon economy. And then using the results of this assessment to decide on where to invest.

This Initiative known as TPI is being praised and the church gaining credit for starting the ball rolling.

Finally on the way back to main chamber a display with two women in chefs hats handing out Pancakes with choice of toppings The Church Urban Fund promoting a Pancake fund raising event for work across the country to provide meals for children in school holidays. I went for the strawberry jam. Never a dull moment !,

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