The Georgian FRIDAY, 25 SEPTEMBER 2020

Behind the study door

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

This quote from the American theologian, H.E. Luccock, is very apposite at this time. In order for our schools to run as they are at the moment, teachers, support staff, pupils, parents and wider families, all make a huge contribution and we feel immensely well supported by a brilliant team here at St George's and at home from our families.

This was demonstrated extremely well this morning in Assembly when we announced 63 Golden Tree Awards, Head Master's Commendations and Spirit of St George's awards. This is, of course, the tip of the iceberg as the girls and boys have all got off to a terrific start in and out of the classroom.

There is also an extraordinary sense that our core values of kindness, honesty and courage are being played out by everyone here. I set a challenge in Assembly the other day in promising to jump into the swimming pool in a suit if I were in a position to award at least 20 Spirit of St George's Awards for these three values. We got to 11 today, so I fear I'm close to having to play this out.

I attended some sessions of the Boarding School Association virtual conference for Heads this week. The theme was diversity and it made me reflect on the importance of our values as a school, and in particular these three that were chosen by the school community in March 2019. Our values are the very backbone of the whole culture of our organisation and culture and need to be lived out and demonstrated by everyone and through our everyday interactions with each other, and now more than ever.

Equipping children from the earliest age with the capabilities to look at the world through a variety of lenses and viewpoints and shaping their attitudes, principles and practices in line with an inclusive, respectful and truly diverse society has never been more important. Since lockdown began six months ago to the day, we have been reminded of powerful reminders of this: the Black Lives Matter movement, climate change, economic and social polarisation and increased social change, to name a few.

I am putting the finishing touches to our application to join Round Square, a global network of schools that are bound together by a set of common ideals:

We will be the first UK Prep School to become part of this global network

International Understanding: Pupils seeing themselves as global citizens and looking beyond gender, class, race, nationality and culture to understand human nature.

Democracy: Taking an active and creative approach to preparing pupils to take on responsibility and roles in leadership within the school community.

Environmental Stewardship: Encouraging pupils to think deeply about the relationship between human beings and the planet, and being aware of proven problems and starting to think about solving these.

Adventure: Helping our pupils to realise they are capable of more than they might have imagined. This is about challenging them with new experiences, setting goals and stretching themselves in areas they might not usually.

Leadership: Teaching pupils that true leadership is about serving others and underpinning this with diverse role models.

Service: How can our pupils make a positive difference?

The St George's Award, launched last term remotely (and to be relaunched again), is based around this, and as I complete the form I realise that we already achieve much of this, but there is so many exciting possibilities ahead for us.

Bringing this all back to values, our three school values of honesty, kindness and courage are timeless and must be kept as our foundation as we look forward as a school to promoting international mindedness in our pupils. These three values are being played out every day in the lives of our 319 pupils and 100 staff.

In a week that saw the Prime Minister once again speak to the nation, my very best wishes to you, your families and friends.

Keep playing that symphony.

William Goldsmith

Golden Tree and Celebration Assemblies

Golden Tree

Kindergarten Bees

Siadon C: for always being eager to learn new things and for sharing good ideas with the class.

Max J: for always being happy to come to school and for trying very had to speak in English.

Kindergarten Ladybirds:

Nathanial M: for throwing himself into everything we do with cheerful optimism!

Isabella B: for coming into school with a big smile and inviting others to play with her.

Reception E

Christina T-M: for settling well into her new school and for always being happy and smiley.

Ezra M: for always saying please and thank you. Keep up the wonderful manners.

Reception P

Kieron C: for knowing lots of sounds and confidently blending them together when reading words and sentences.

Jack C: for trying really hard with his letter formation this week and remembering to form his J and K correctly too.


Alessandro S: for making a wonderful start at St George's. Your teachers are so proud of you.

Luka S L: for making great progress in reading. It is a pleasure to listen to you read Luka!

Elliot B: for always working hard in class. Your teachers are very proud of you, Elliot.


Abhay S: for having such kind and calm ways and for always working hard.

Aadi R: for improved focus in class and trying his best.


Aarohi K: for her enthusiasm and positive attitude towards her work.

Alex S: for his hard work in maths lessons and working well during practical activities with a partner.

Henry P: for listening well to the introduction of lessons in class and contributing to the discussions.


Holly G: for writing a thoughtful Harvest prayer.

Zac A: for making great progress with his reading and trying very hard in lessons.

Eddie E: for showing a positive attitude towards his work and making excellent progress in maths.


Arthur B: for a wonderful description of a moonlit garden in creative writing.

Noah D: for working hard in all lessons and for eagerness to participate in discussions.

Daisy H: for good listening and pleasing progress in maths lessons. Daisy has also worked well independently.


Daisy H: for listening well in class and completing her work carefully.

Arthur J: for being consistently honest in games lessons as well as trying extremely hard to develop his football skills.

Rafferty C: for always being ready to help at any time. He sets a great example to others.

Head Master's Commendations

George H: for working extremely hard on his French homework.

Joanna H, Richard C, Elise-May J, Eleni S, Ben C and Miles J: for their fantastic work describing a fairground.

Cedric R: for showing enthusiasm and creativity in English.

Tommy H: for showing increased effort and focus in English lessons.

Molly J: for courage to take risks and be creative in English.

Alma S, Thomas B and Lara B: for making a racing game programming the speed movement and angles of the car.

Keiran E: for finishing his planning in his own time for his website design.

Summer E: for her E-safety work.

Nefeli M: for a super poster in French.

Mason S: for a fantastic piece of French homework

Beatrice A and Radley H: for excellent work in science.

Arthur-Jack E, Barney H, Sophie H and Herbie W: for excellent participation in French lessons and hard work.

Alma S: for hard work and great effort in French.

Matilda W: for excellent use of French in a poster.

Harry E: for hard work and great effort in French.

Spirit of St George's Awards

Toby D: for showing excellent kindness and helpfulness around the classroom.

Katie K: for being kind and helpful to her peers around the classroom.

Joshua I: for being polite and kind to his teachers and always offering to help.

Radley H: for showing kindness, supporting and encouraging his peers during the Wednesday afternoon Year 7 football league.

Nathan M: for showing great kindness to a younger boarder.

Kobe L: for showing resilience and maturity this week.

Arthur-Jack E: for excellent honesty and kindness in class.

Karina K: for kindness.

Tomasz M: for always being helpful, smiling and making an excellent start to the year.

Cicily Warn: for showing kindness to other pupils in maths.

Daniel P: for kindness in helping Ben by carrying his bag to lessons as he has his arm in a sling at the moment.

This week the Kindergarten children went on a walk in HM The Queen’s garden to collect autumn treasures. They had a lovely time picking up conkers in the sunshine!
The autumn topic in Reception has been clay hedgehogs and autumn crown making.
Spelling time, counting in 2's and classroom fun in Year 1
Year 2 enjoyed 'buddy maths' - it's much more fun working in a pair.
Year 3 played some more dice games in maths to practise adding skills, and some completed still life pastel work. They enjoyed playing a history board game, based on the way the Ancient Egyptians used the River Nile.
Year 4 have been making moveable skeletons in science and have been talking about Hindu celebrations in RE. They have made their own stained glass windows with some splendid Rangoli patterns. Walks in Home Park Private have made geography lessons come alive.
Colourful wall displays in the Year 5 classrooms included work on the parts of a flower in science.
In French, Y6 went outside to practise the use of the partitive article “du, de la , de l’, des” with the food they had learnt. There was an element of healthy competition between the teams and the pupils really enjoyed the games and the pleasant weather.
The boarders enjoyed an evening in the outdoor classroom while the weather was still warm enough.

Christmas Card Project

The Christmas Card project has started for Pre-Prep, Year 4 and Year 5. Children will complete the artwork in school – Pre-Prep Years will take artwork home, which will need returning to school, whilst Years 4 and 5 will keep theirs at school; all parents can see their creations when they log in to the Christmas Card project online. Aside from just cards, there’s a selection of Christmassy merchandise on which to print your design, including fridge magnets, tote bags, cushion covers or teddies. These make perfect gifts for relatives, plus a percentage of every sale comes back to the Parents’ Group charity pot, during what has been an extremely challenging year for fundraising! If your child is in Year 6, 7 or 8 and wishes to participate, please contact Kirsty Stephenson on 07500 899188 for details, as the deadline to submit artwork is 13th October.

Wishing the following pupils a very...

Radley H, Nathan E, Ella W, Loic C, Sahibzada S, Eloise A and Daniel P all have their birthdays in the coming week.