Positively Midland updates in brief from the Midland Area Community Foundation

Give Local Midland is May 2nd. Your gift just got bigger (and longer lasting).

Give Local Midland is the community foundation's 24-hour online giving event. With $50,000+ in matching funds, every donation made at www.givelocalmidland.org is partially matched. Donors have over 50 nonprofit endowment funds to choose from, so there's something for everyone. Reminder: endowment fund = investment for the future. Agencies spend 364 days a year raising funds for current operating costs. We're giving them 24 hours to throw some in the piggy bank. Mark your calendar (May 2nd) and your browser (www.givelocalmidland.org). Not comfortable donating online? Stop by to see us on May 2nd at 76 Ashman Circle and give via cash, check or charge. Give where you live on May 2nd. The future of Midland thanks you.

The Midland County Fairgrounds is updating their master plan.

Kids like to say "That's not fair" when they don't get their way. The response our Dads used to give: "The Fair's in August". Thanks Dad. It's true, but there's so much more to the Midland County Fairgrounds than the hustle and bustle on the Midway in August. There are 4-H programs, a busy rental season and several other large events. The Midland County Fairgrounds wishes to update their master plan, which hasn't been done since 1982. This will allow the staff to focus resources and maximize use of this great resource in Midland County. Our trustees said "that's fair" and approved a $30,000 grant request. We look forward to our next visit.

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