Daniel Boone Explorer, Pioneer, Folk Hero

Early Life

Daniel Boone was born on November 2, 1734 in Pennsylvania. Daniel was one of eleven children. He spent his childhood in the woods learning to hunt. He was responsible for finding food to feed his large family. Even though he was tutored at home, he did not receive much education. He was more interested in exploring the woods and roaming around in the wilderness. However, Daniel loved to read, especially the Bible and Gulliver's Travels.

Young Daniel Boone loved to hunt.


In August 1756, Boone wed Rebecca Bryan. They had 10 children together.


In 1767, Daniel Boone led his own expedition for the first time.

In May 1769, Boone led another expedition with John Finley. Under Boone's leadership, the team of explorers discovered a trail to the far west though the Cumberland Gap.

In April 1775, he directed colonists to an area in Kentucky he named Boonesborough, where he set up fort to claim the settlement from the Indians. That same year he brought his own family west to live on the settlement and became its leader.

In July 1776, the tribes kidnapped Boone's daughter. The next year, Boone was shot in the ankle during an Indian attack. In 1778, Boone was captured by the Shawnee.

By 1788, Boone left the Kentucky settlement and relocated to what is now West Virginia. He served as lieutenant colonel and legislative delegate of his county there.

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