Clark "A man's best frieNd"

Clark's journey begins when he born sometime in May 2015 at the world renowned Mlez-Crest farm in Pilsen, Wisconsin.

Clark (far left) was not alone, he roamed the many barns of Mlez-Crest with his twin brother Lewis (middle), and his sister Dolly (right).

Lewis and Clark were named for their exploring nature. Dolly because Mr. Pirman's fiancé liked the name.

Clark spent most of his days watching birds, dodging the feed cart, or waiting for his best friend Mr. Pirman to come visit.

Clark enjoyed farm life, but knew he was not an outside kitty.

But Clarks journey to a house cat could not happen without tragedy. His sister would not make the journey.

RIP Dolly May 2015 - August 2015

Clark then made his journey to Green Bay.
Some of Clarks favorite activities are: sleeping, going outside on his leash, and stealing people's food.

Funny cat video, but none are as cute as Clark.